October 19, 2011

Featured Product and Giveaway: Cloth Wipes and Wipes Solution! CLOSED

Cloth Wipes can save you a ton compared to the cost of disposable wipes plus they just make sense! 

When you use cloth wipes you can simply toss them into the cloth diaper, place in your diaper pail or wetbag and wash them with your diaper laundry.  It's that simple.
  • No more finding shredded up disposable wipes in the laundry that accidentally got washed.
  • No more having to keep a separate bag to store your dirty disposable wipes in when you're out and don't have access to a trash can.
  • No running out of wipes or having to toss them when they unexpectedly dry out.
With cloth wipes you'll be able to either pre-moisten them with your favorite cloth wipes solution like Ruby Moon or Baby Bum Drops or you can moisten them as needed at each diaper change.

Cloth Wipes Solution is cloth diaper safe and wipes can easily be washed with your diapers without the fear of buildup or residue coating your diapers.

What else?  Cloth Wipes can be used beyond the diapering stages as napkins, wet wipes, family cloth and more.  They're the perfect green alternative to disposable wipes, give them a try today!

Enter to win!
We're going to give one lucky fan a set of 12 Economy Cloth Baby Wipes and the Wipes Solution of their choice (Baby Bum Drops, Ruby Moon or Baby Bits)!  Everything you need to get started using cloth wipes!
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Yes, I use cloth wipes. It's so much easier than disposables because you can just throw them in the diaper and then in the diaper pail. Not having a separate trashcan just for wipes makes sense. Plus, they clean up a poopy mess just so much better.

I use cloth wipes. Not so much because it's easier (I find it a little more time consuming) but because it's so much cheaper and works a lot better, using less wipes per change. Not to mention, no getting poop on my fingers when using cloth wipes is a big bonus!

I want to use cloth wipes so bad.. but unfortunately I'm using disposables. Whenever I use cloth wipes my LO ends up with redness/rash. Would love to find a way that it works for us though!

I use cloth wipes -- easier to wash everything together than keep the wipe separate from the diaper. Plus I like that I can control the solution I use to clean my baby's bottom!

I use cloth wipes because I hate separating the dipe from the wipes and finding a trashcan. Plus they are so thick, soft, & CuTe!!!!!

i use cloth wipes because they clean up baby SO much better than disposable wipes. plus, i'm already washing diapers so why not add wipes to it. much cheaper that way!


yes we use cloth wipes it is so much easier and cheaper on our pockets.

Robin Cabaltica

Yes we use cloth wipes. I think it is easier than having to throw out the disposable kind to just stick it in the diaper and throw it in the wash.

We use cloth wipes. It saves money, it's better for my baby's sensitive skin, it's better for the environment, and it's so easy when you already cloth diaper!

I started using cloth wipes because it was easier. I didn't have to separate the diaper and the wipe when throwing into the wetbag/trash. And my husband NEVER remembered to separate them, so I ended up with wipes through the wash anyway.

I don't currently but want to! cliffsgirl2001 at yahoo dot com Kristen Jeffery

We use cloth wipes. It's a lot easier to just throw everything in the diaper pail instead of having to separate the disposable wipes with my cloth. And it just seems like a natural thing to do with cd.

I use cloth wipes cause they work SO much better than disposables and I know whats in them :)

We do not use them, however I am definitely interested in trying out the wipes!

We don't use cloth wipes because I'm not quite sure what to do. I would love to try though!

We use cloth wipes to avoid nasty chemicals!

I use cloth wipes at home but just moisten them with plain water.

I use cloth wipes so I can just throw them in the wash with the diapers!

I use cloth wipes so I can just drop it in the wash with the diaper.

I do not use cloth wipes...but I WANT to so badly!

I use cloth wipes and I love them. They clean better, are environmentally friendly and you don't have stinky wipes in your trash!

I bought cloth wipes and a warmer. They are so soft and do a great job cleaning.

Yep, we use them here. It's easier to not have to separate them from the diaper, they don't irritate DD's tush, and they clean so much more effectively.

Cloth wipes for sure. It just goes along with all the reason I cloth diaper. Better for my little guy and the earth.

I have never used disposable wipes. Why would I when I use cloth diapers?

I use cloth wipes to save money and waste. They are a simple super easy switch.

I'm planning on using cloth wipes! It's better for the baby and for the environment!

yes, i made some flannel wipes that do the job okay. a few old baby washcloths are also in my rotation, and those actually work much better!

I have flannel wipes all made for our baby due in December danaahudson at gmail dot com

I use cloth wipes with my cloth diapers, b/c it is easier and cheaper and better!

I am planning to use cloth wipes when baby is born does that count?

I want to use cloth wipes, but haven't committed to doing so just yet...

I would like to use cloth wipes when baby arrives. I think it's a little thing we can do for the environment, and if you're cloth diapering, then you're doing the laundry anyways, so it isn't really like extra work.

Yes yes yes, it saves us more money since I quit my job to stay at home! It's also easy, I just throw them in the pail with the dirty cloth diapers and wash them all together! I use to use disposable wipes so when I switched to cloth wipes I saved the wipe cases and keep the wipes in there for on the go! They fit great in the wipe warmer as well!

I do not use cloth wipes yet but I will be when my baby is born!

I'm a CD newbie and we're not using cloth wipes.. Not yet anyway! I'd love to try some out :)

I do because it only makes sense, I love how I can just ball it all up with the used cloth diaper and throw it all in the pail without having to pick out dirty disposable wipes to flush/throw away.

I also use plain water in a peri bottle for wipe solution and just spray baby with it at diaper changes, so he gets a quick "Wash" and now that we do that it just seems sort of grody to just lightly wipe him.

We do not use cloth wipes yet, shame shame, I know! I really want to but haven't made the leap yet. I can't figure out how I want to work them, I have to find a solution to try and get a spray bottle.

I use cloth wipes because I love saving money! I've never used real ones though, only baby washcloths. I'd love to try some!

yes, i use cloth wipes - so far just edged flannel squares. definitely does the trick and easier to use than disposables, i think
(mary michaud)

Cloth wipes are definately better.

Yes, I use cloth wipes. It's so easy! It saves a ton of money too!

I don't use cloth wipes, not that i don't want to but we don't really have funding for them. We started cloth diapering my son late so we plan on cloth wiping with our future babies! So if we won we'd be able to get a feel for them before hand :)

We use cloth wipes and love them! We started out saying we would only use disposables because they are OBVIOUSLY easier.. but then I wanted to try cloth. Instead of using 10 disposable wipes for a mega-poo, we used 3... and the 3rd was only for good measure, we only needed two. Plus, they are super soft so if you need to clean up other things (spit up? Spilled anything?) you can use them too :)

I have not used cloth wipes because I just wasn't willing before. I would love to try them now! I plan on making my sister some for her new baby. :)

I use cloth wipes. I think it is easier because the wipe goes right in with the dirty diaper. I don't have to have a trash can near by for a disposable wipe. They also save a ton of $$

We don't use cloth wipes yet, since LO is due in early 2012, but we definitely plan to! I'm just starting to get our stash around, and would love a starter set of wipes!

Our baby is due in 2 weeks and we have decided to use cloth wipes along with our cloth diapers. Why use disposables when we are already going to be washing the diapers.

I use baby wash cloths right now as cloth wipes because I think they work a lot better than disposable wipes especially for messy diapers. I only need to use one or two max compared to several disposable wipes at each diaper change.

I tried using cloth wipes. I like the concept, but can't seem to keep the solution warm enough. Cold wipes = upset babies.

I do use cloth wipes, to save money and so I don't have to have a special trash can for wipes by the changing table.

My use of cloth wipes started out because I imply ran out of disposable! I was suprised at how much better they work!

We use cloth wipes because they clean better and don't tear up like disposable wipes. Would love to have more, because you can never have too many!

I plan to use cloth wipes with my baby since I don't like the chemicals and waste of the disposables.

jsapalio at yahoo dot com

I love how cloth wipes wipe more!

I use cloth wipes(washcloths) and solution! I love that I can just wash them with my diapers!! So glad I switched:)

yes, I use cloth wipes. WAHM ones

For the most part we use cloth wipes...hubby uses disposables - but he hardly changes diapers lol

We use cloth wipes when we are out because I don't want to have to find a trash can for the disposables. At home we tend to just use the sink :)

I currently do not use cloth wipes but have been interested in doing so for quite some time. I plan to make the change soon as paying for disposable wipes is getting expensive and I can't seem to find anything gentle enough for my baby's tush!

Yes, I use cloth wipes, because my sister Jutta (the first one to comment on this blog post) made me a whole bunch of homemade wipes for my baby shower. They are so easy to use.

I haven't used cloth wipes...yet. I just started cloth diaperng and I am still trying to learn the ins and outs.

I use cloth wipes, it just makes more sense to me instead of having to separate diapers and wipes I just throw everything into the wet bag :)

I have not used cloth wipes but would love to! I think it would make messy diaper so much easier.

I use cloth wipes at home, but disposables on the go. I try to use them to make things 'easy'(like when it comes to laundry and storing dirty diapers), but I'll be honest, I still feel like I'm trying to get the hang out of them ;) ngiraldi at gmail dot com

I plan to use them when the kiddo arrives because it will be easy to throw them in with the diapers.

I use cloth wipes because my daughter is allergic to everything disposable. And its cheaper, and they are prettier!

I do not use cloth wipes, and I don't know why, we just never bothered to buy them.

I don't use cloth wipes because i'm not sure what type of cloth to use. Winning this could definitely solve my problem!! :)

We use cloth wipes. LOVE not having to sort through a poopy wet diaper when I get home from an outing. All goes in the laundry bag!

I have just started using cloth wipes so I alternate still with my current disposable wipe stash.

I use cloth wipes! I make my own out of flannel and terry cloth and they rock! They clean up poo so much better than my old 'sposie wipes.

We do not use cloth wipes, never made the investment with my first one, now she is almost potty trained. Planning on using them with my next one who is on the way!

we have both cloth diapers and some cloth wipes ready and waiting for our new baby. We are excited about fewer leaks and blowouts, helping the environment, and saving money.

We are just switching to cloth diapering so I bought my first set of cloth wipes yesterday and am looking forward to trying them out!

We are planning to (our baby isn't here yet).

jesllee (at) live.com

I use cloth wipes because I got tired of accidentally washing my disposable wipes. I also didn't like having to have a separate trash can/bag for wipes. As I've made the transition, I've also noticed that they do a better job cleaning. I'm not going to miss buying disposable wipes!

I use cloth wipes because it just makes sense. Less waste, and just wash with my diapers.

I use cloth wipes to save money.

We haven't started cloth diapering yet but when we do, we plan on using cloth wipes. It only makes sense to save money in that area as well.

I haven't had my baby yet, but I plan on using cloth wipes and would love to get a good start on my stash with this! :)

We use cloth wipes, just easier to put them in the wash with the diapers and no extra waste or chemicals

I would love to start using cloth wipes. It seems so much easier especially with number two.

i currently do not use cloth wipes simply because i do no have enough. im tryin to up my stash for them. i have 20 so far.

Just stared cloth diapering yesterday, i would love to use cloth wipes!! just thinking about how much money can be saved is like a huge weight off my shoulders!!

We use them because it is easier and cheaper than buying disposable ones!
tvpg at aol dot com

i don't use cloth wipes yet. i just haven't invested the money since we got bulk disposable wipes we haven't run out of yet.

I am not using cloth wipes yet, but only because I'm still incubating the babe. We're building the cloth wipe stash along with the cloth diaper as I don't plan to use anything but cloth!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE using cloth wipes instead of disposables. From my experience, poop comes off much easier with the wipes. I will only have to use 1 or maybe 2 if its particularly nasty... whereas with the others I may have to use 3 or 4 or even 5! What a waste and they hardly even work.

We have been using cloth wipes as long as we've been cloth diapering. They work SO much better and I love knowing exactly what chemicals are (or rather AREN'T) in the solution. :)

Not yet :( I want to, to go along with our cloth diapers, but my hubby isn't a fan of cloth wipes. This could be a great way to encourage him!

my first baby is due in 2 months, so I don't use cloth wipes yet. I'm a little apprehensive about them, but want to give them a try since I'll be cloth diapering too.

I love using cloth wipes! There's so soft and it's easy to just toss them in with the diapers. Plus they're just as cute as the diapers!

serenityspeaks at ymail dot com