October 24, 2011

Do you own a snot sucker, aka Nasal Aspirator?

There's nothing more miserable than a snotty baby who can't breathe, can't nurse and can't clear their own nose.

Personally, I had a snot/booger experience once when I was a new mom and I nearly called 911 because I couldn't figure out what was wrong with my screaming inconsolable baby.  I tried nursing, she would not, pacifier-no, rocking, singing, dancing, driving...I seriously thought I might lose my marbles.  This was literally my first experience with my daughter where I couldn't calm her down and I honestly thought she was in pain in some way.

The truth, she was ticked off because she had boogers.  It seemed like it took me hours to figure this out.  If I had a Nasal Aspirator it would have been a lifesaver, in hindsight I wished I had put one on my baby registry.

Baby snot and boogers are probably not even something you're thinking about when it comes to parenthood and taking care of a baby, you've got so much other stuff on your mind and so many other needs to tend to.

That's why we think the BabyComfyNose Nasal Aspirator is a staple, an absolute must have!

How does it work?
The BabyComfyNose uses your own suction to remove your baby’s nasal mucus. Mucus is suctioned into the receptacle body and is isolated there. Use a wadded tissue in the body of the aspirator as a super absorbent filter. Laboratory testing has demonstrated that healthy human lungs can generate 5-10 times as much suction power as commercially available bulb or battery-powered nasal aspirators: this is why human suction aspirators are so effective. The design of the BabyComfyNose eliminates any possibility of oral contact with mucus and germs.

Watch this video for a demo on how to use it!


This nasal aspirator is made out of PVC...very toxic. Nothing I would put near my babies nose or my mouth.

When my baby is struggling to breathe, I wish I had this yesrterday.