October 21, 2011

Benefits of choosing cloth diapers with a suedecloth interior.

When it comes to cloth diapering there is a lot to learn about the different fabric types, their place in the cloth diaper world and why you should choose one over the other.

One fabric which you'll find in cloth diapers is the use of suedecloth as a pocket diaper lining or insert topper.  But why is suedecloth a good choice and what's so great about it?
  • Suedecloth is usually more thin than microfleece
  • It's a synthetic stay-dry fabric which allows moisture to wick though and into the absorbent inserts leaving baby with a stay-dry feeling which helps prevent rashes.
  • It does not pill like microfleece and in turn remains newer looking for longer.
  • Since it's not as thick and textured as microfleece there's less for the poop to stick to which results in messes being easier to clean and poop that seems to "peel" off the diaper instead of becoming embedded in it.
  • It's much more resistant to staining.
  • Suedecloth is also very durable, does not snag or tear as easily and is quick drying.
Many popular cloth diaper brands use suedecloth as their interior of choice.  One such diaper is BumGenius.  BumGenius has been a huge fan of suedecloth and cloth diapering families love their diapers worldwide because of it.

So what do you think?  Do you prefer suedecloth over microfleece or vice versa?  Have you noticed other benefits to using suedecloth than the above mentioned facts?


My baby is suedecloth sensitive :( It took me stripping my diapers (to make sure it wasn't build up or urea burns) then going through and taking out a type of diaper at a time. When I used my BG he would get a huge rash that would take a while to clear up. So now we don't use it. I really liked how it cleaned up though.

My baby is sensitive to microfleece/chamois but does great with suedecloth. The only thing that I can figure is that the suede cloth keeps her more dry.