September 2, 2011

What I dreaded most about potty training.

After you have a baby you get pretty used to the yuck factor.  You get barfed on, pooped on, drooled on and then some.  Things just don't stay as clean as they used to and you get accustomed to it to a certain extent.

But pottytraining...there was one thing that I hated, in fact with my sons I almost was able to avoid it completely.

It was...the child size potty.

With my daughter, my first child, I was eager to start her early so we bought a potty before she was even two years old. Wrong move!  Once you show them what that potty is for then they insist on taking their diapers off all day long and sitting on it.  So you've got them stripping down, regardless of whether they have on a dirty diaper and regardless of whether they need to potty.  Frustrating!

Then, when they do have to potty even just a drop, they use the child size potty.  So it seemed like I was cleaning it a million times a day.  I hated that thing!

My other serious complaint about THOSE potties was the "bowl" design.  Once your child sees that you lift the bowl out after they potty and carry it to the toilet it all goes downhill from there.  Next thing you know you're folding laundry and your toddler comes running across the room with a bowl of pee and poop sloshing all over the carpet and themselves.

Of all the potties I prefer the all-in-one kind.  I think my kids were less likely to try and carry it on their own or dump it on their own.

Another option that I switched to and worked for us was the potty seat that sits on the adult toilet.

So am I the only one who's kids try to dump their own potty and make a horrible mess?  What do you despise about potty training?


We never used a potty, always a seat that goes on the "big" toilet + a booster. I never understood potties... Why not teach them right away to use the real thing?

The cloth diaper is the best diaper for children because it absorb the moisture and it's SO EASY!! I love all in ones, but I hate how long they take to dry!