September 21, 2011

GroVia Onesize Shell makes cloth diapering a breeze! CLOSED

Have you tried the GroVia Cloth Diaper Shell?  It's a one size cloth diaper cover that's really versatile.  It comes in snap or aplix closure and can be used with fitteds, prefolds, snap in soakers or even GroVia's bidegradable Bio Soakers!

The GroVia system allows you the comforts of multiple diapering styles and the ease of being able to interchange them at a moments notice depending on your needs.

GroVia Details:
  • Less waste in our landfills
  • Save hundreds of dollars each year
  • Healthier for baby, less diaper rash
  • No Dioxins
  • They’re cute
 Fairly and conscientiously made in China.

Washing GroVia™ Shells
  • Wash warm, hang dry.
Want a chance to win one of your very own?  Enter via the Rafflecopter form below! 


Would love to win, SUPER GROVIA FAN! Snap closure not sure if you're going to have the new colors yet if so would love any of them... if not any of the boy colors! thanks!

I'd love the nature or mod flower print. I'd like to try the hook/loop closure.

I've always wanted to try the GroVia Onesize Shell. I can't convince hubby to let me make another CD investment though. Perhaps winning and letting him see them himself will convince him. =) I would pick the Nature pattern with snap closures.

I've been wanting to try Grovia! I would love the hook and loop mod flower print.

I'd love to get the Nature grovia diaper. I have never tried grovia. I'd love to see how it compares!

I am doing IVF to have a family and my cousins use cloth dippers and what a awesome thing. I am hucked just by seeing her and the ones she has. I am going to be using clothe dippers and is tring to get my stash up before I have the baby or baby's so to win this would be wonderful.GroVia I HERE GREAT THINGS ABOUT YOUR DIPPERS.

I would want Owls in snaps if I won! So Cute

I would love to get the nature in snap.

I love the Nature and the Owls prints! So cute!


I LOVE the Nature print in hook and loop closure :)

I love the nature shell hook and loop. I really like the owls, too

I would love the nature print and snap closure!

Mod Flower in Snap, although if I have to use a Hook and loop closure, grovia's are my fave by far!

I'm all for snap closures and I love the owl print :)

I would love to try one of the grovia cloth diapers...If I won I would try out the snap closures w/ the owl print :)

I'd go for the Nature print with snaps.

I prefer their solids to the prints because the colors are so bold. I like blackberry or kiwi with snap closure. Too bad the new colors aren't available yet. I love the cloud! :o)

I would choose Blackberry in the hook and loop... if it has to be a print i would choose owls!

I would chose the planes with a snap closure!

I'd love the nature print in snap closure.

blackberry snap!
simplymerry at gmail dot com

I'd want to try the snap in Owl print (or nature)

velcro and planes or owl, i haven't decided

I would choose the kiwi color in snaps!

Hmmm Id have to go with Mod Flowers or Nature

I would love a blackberry or a planes shell in snap closure

I love Grovias! I already have the owls and planes, so all that's left for my boy is Nature!

I'd pick the owls print in the snap enclosure!

I'd pick owls in snap closure

edz.mels at yahoo dot com

I love the owls! And I am a big fan of the hook and loop!

I think I'd get something in hook and loop. I love that it's super easy to use but for length of use reasons and no sewing skills I mostly get snaps. I think I like mandarin the best.

I like the owls snap. missamanda816 @

Mod flowers - and hook and loop closure!! scrane @ videotron . ca

Planes in Hook Loop!


Snap Nature

hmahan_0529 @yahoo dot com

I would choose either owls or planes in snap closure

Samantha Cuhel
gothickornchic at gmail dot com

I would choose snap closure and owls print
tannis_z at excite dot com

Fave: Owls, Snaps

all natural katie
allnaturalkatie at gmail dot com

I would love to try grovia!!! I would choose snap closure in owl print
mcintosh dot kimberley at gmail dot com

I would pick owls in hook and loop

I would love Mod Flower in snap!

suzrevell at gmail dot com

I like the Nature and Owl prints, they seem to be the most gender neutral ones too, with snap closures! :)
myricksl6 at hotmail dot com

I would choose owls in snaps

(rachel n on raffelcopter)

I would choose planes in hook and loop!

I like the nature print with snaps

I like the nature print with snap closures.

I'd get nature in hook and loop closure.

I would love to get the snap closure in owls! It looks so adorable!

I would choose the vanilla snap shell.

I would choose Planes with hook and loop! Thanks for the giveaway!
maria.the.uncommon at gmail dot com

I would choose planes in snap! I love grovia but I hate their aplix, and I need to replace my aplix shells

I would love to win the mod flower design in snap closure!

I would love Mod Flower in snaps -

planes in aplix!
Dagmar B.
sirentattoo at

I would choose owls in the hook/loop closure.

I'd choose Nature Hook/Loop Closure

I visited Cloth Diaper Outlet and I'd choose the Owl print in Snap Closure. If the new colors are in, I'd love Storm. Thanks!

katiekstewart at gmail dot com

Hmmm... I definitely would pick snaps in the Owl Print if I won. SO CUTE!

*Rebecca Henson*

Nature in hook and loop closure!

I would love to win the Owls GroVia™ Shell - Snap Closure

If I won I would pick the nature print in the snap closure.

Nature in a hook and loop closure for me! I have 3 of the purple ones and absolutely love them.

I would totally pick the owels in snaps, because I am trying to do all gender neutral for the 10 more babies i hope to have and snaps because i dont care for my velcro and would love to try snaps risk free :)

I would chose Mod Flower with snaps.
Melynda Rainsbarger

Hook/Loop closure in "Planes" print.

Id love to win and try these :D. . .id choose the nature in the snap closure!

I would choose the nature print with snaps!

Planes in snaps!!! :)

lizsamples at live dot com

I'd love to have the nature print with the hook and loop closure.

I would choose Mod Flowers in Snaps. now that I have a little girl, I love cute and girly diapers!!!!

confessionsofatwinmom at gmail dot com

My favorite is the Nature shell with hook/loop closure

I would choose the owls in hook and loop!

I would love the Owls print with snaps.

I'd love the nature print. Cute and GN at the same time is hard to find. And snaps of course.

I would pick mod flower in hook and loop!

If I won I would choose the grovia snap closure in planes.
allison_barnes AT shaw DOT ca

I'd love to try the Ice in hoop/loop! Thank you for the great giveaway!

serenityspeaks at ymail dot com

I'd choose a the Kiwi in the velcro closure.
tvpg at aol dot com