August 11, 2011

Tips for using a Cloth Diaper Sprayer!

A cloth diaper sprayer is an accessory that's more like a tool.  Moms who use them swear by them and can't imagine life without them.  There is a learning curve though.  Today we're sharing some videos that demonstrate different spraying techniques.  Check them out and let us know what you think!

The diaper sprayer is a fresh way to clean soiled cloth diapers. Its high-pressure spray rinses clean even the messiest diapers. The mess goes where it is supposed to go - and your hands stay clean.

During potty training, the sprayer is perfect for rinsing potty chairs and the adjustable spray is gentle enough to be used for personal hygiene after childbirth.

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Must get a sprayer. The whole swishing thing may be good for my character (I'm really an "Ewwwwww, gross, don't make me touch that!" kind of girl, so swishing diapers has made me a bit less squeamish), but it looks like a sprayer gets them way cleaner than swishing them does--and when I say I swish them, I mean swish and flush, swish and flush, swish a flush, a minimum of three times. Sometimes I think my baby has the stickiest poop in the world. My baby's just intermittently eating solids (once or twice a day, if at all), though, so it's not a huge deal yet, but...

Ooh, so glad I watched that first video! My husband laughed at me when he figured out I was watching a video about spraying poop from a diaper, but I swear I've been second-guessing my sprayer because I couldn't figure out how to use it well!

But that second video? Laying the diaper into the water, spraying poo into the water, and then using your hands to roll up the diaper that has then been laying in poo water? No thank you!

Thank you for posting those videos in my path!

Everyone has a different technique. Sometimes you just have to watch and learn and then use bits and pieces to get your own poop spraying style down! lol