August 31, 2011

Focus on Palm Tree Onesize Diaper Covers and a Giveaway! CLOSED

 Have you heard of Palm Tree Onesize Diaper Covers yet?  They're a Cloth Diaper Outlet and Natures Nappies exclusive product and we think they're the bees knees!  They provide excellent leak and mess prevention with their super comfortable leg gussets and they're also a onesize cover which means they fit from birth through potty training.


  • One Size - Fits babies approximately 7-35 lbsPalm Tree diaper cover tuck flap
  • Tuck Flap - helps secure prefolds and flat diapers inside the cover
  • Snap Closure - snaps last practically forever
  • Aplix Closure - easy to fasten and highly adjustable
  • Bright Colors - Seven great colors for an adorable diaper bottom
  • Two-Layer PUL - our waterproof fabric hides the laminate between two layers of soft fabric
  • Gentle Elastic - our super-gentle elastic is durable yet won't leave red marks
  • Warranty - our 60 day warranty guarantees your investment is safe (see below for details)

MSRP, $9.99 each

*Use with your favorite flats, prefolds or fitteds!

Want to win one?
We're giving I Love Cloth Diapers readers a chance to win a Palm Tree Onesize Cover of their own!  Enter via the Rafflecopter form below.


I'd choose the bark. I don't have a brown diaper yet. (Gee, that makes me sound like an addict lol. But I'm using my diapers for 2 kids I babysit & expecting my own baby in December, so I have to build up this stash!)

I'd choose bark, since I'm trying to win this for my cousin and they don't know if they're having a boy or girl (not finding out). :)

I would choose lilac since I dont have any purples and hook and loop closure :)

I would choose bark, and velcro, because I just can't get a good fit with snaps!

I would probably pick the terracotta snap closure... but the options are so great!
to_jill at

I would choose Cardinal in Hook & Loop!

graceink at yahoo dot com

Carolyn H on Rafflecopter

I would choose the bark with snaps!

I would choose Terracotta with hook & loop
menzies (at)

cardinal snaps!
hun423 at

I would choose the bark with hook and loop. Im new to cloth diapering and havent tried the velcro yet. Interested in seeing if you can get a better fit with velcro.

Terracotta snaps
kafrancoeur AT hotmail DOT com

Terracotta with snaps please!

Definitely Cardinal with the hook/look closure! I've never used anything other than snaps, so I'd love to give them a try :)

Hosta with snaps would be awesome for my little guy!

I like the bark with loop or snap

I would pick bark or blue jay with snaps!

Bluejay in Aplix.

scrane@ videotron . ca

Bluejay with the velcro closure.

I'd choose the hosta (green) diaper in snaps!
smoo06 at yahoo dot com

Bark! In snaps! onliquidice at gmail dot com

Bark Snaps

hmahan_0529 @yahoo dot com

aplix in bark would be a great addition to my collection!

i would choose bark with snaps
tannis_z at excite dot com

I'd like the Terracotta snaps

bmweida at yahoo dot com

I would choose Terracotta with Snaps. Thanks for the giveaway!

I'd choose Hosta in aplix. :-)
fawnlovesfluff at gmail

I'd want cardinal in snap

jandswinder at yahoo dot com

Bark in snaps would be something different for us.

Actually any color would do...we like snaps...we can get the aplix off :)

I like Bark with velcro:)
hrhersch at yahoo dot com

I'd get the Hosta (green) w/ velcro tabs.
tvpg at aol dot com

I would choose the terra-cotta with hook and loop.

I would choose Lilac with Hook and Loop. ngiraldi at gmail dot com

Blue Jay snap please!

That's right. Cloth diapers are amazing. They are cute, better for your baby, environmentally safe.