July 20, 2011

When's the last time you "Rocked a Soak" with Rockin' Greens Funk Rock?

Is it time for you to 'Rock a Soak' with your Rockin' Green Funk Rock?  Ammonia issues are one of the most common problems associated with cloth diapering.  Mom's complain that their child's diapers either reek of ammonia and burn their nostrils or they suffer from the ammonia beast that comes out after babies body heat activates it.

I've totally been there, diapers seem clean, smell clean, look clean...five minutes after baby has it on I can smell it across the room.  If it smells that bad to me then it must be a strong odor for little one to endure.

Rockin' Greens Funk Rock Ammonia Bouncer is designed to neturalize the ammonia in your diaper wash.  Add it to your wash routine or "rock a soak" with some in it.

Check out some of these great Rockin' Green videos for more information on how to use Funk Rock and exactly how to "Rock a Soak!"