July 14, 2011

Quick Tips for Greening Your Family

Going green, can seem like something that's out of reach for most people.  From fancy lightbulbs and solar panels to hybrid vehicles, often families are left feeling like they can't afford to go green.  The fact is, there are many small things you can do that make a difference and are certainly just as important.

Chances are, if you're reading this then you probably already use cloth diapers!  That's an obvious green step in the right direction.  Cloth diapering often leads to a family wanting to make more green choices.  Below I am going to list some other easy ways to green your family's routine.

  • Use un-paper towels!  There are a ton of reusable options out there when it comes to paper-towel alternatives.  You can use more dish towels, microfiber towels, Skoy cloth, wash cloths and even make your own cloth napkins or un-paper towels from cotton, flannel or even fabric scraps you might have on hand around the house!
  • Switch to cloth baby wipes!  Cloth baby wipes just make sense.  When you use cloth diapers you don't want to have to carry around your dirty disposable wipes until you can find somewhere to toss them.  You also can't just wrap them up in the cloth diaper like you would if you used disposables.  Cloth wipes can be tossed into your wetbag with your cloth diapers and washed together.  They can be made at home or you can purhcase them online at many cloth diaper retailers like Cloth Diaper Outlet!
  • Recycle!  Recycling is easy to do and now that most cities are on board with it they often provide you with a special trash can just for recyclables.  Recycling is a super important green step in the right direction.  You'll be surprised at how much less garbage you have to dispose of once you start separating out all your recyclables.  *If you already recycle, try taking it a step further and see if you can recycle more.
  • Composting!  Whether you have a garden or not, composting is easy to do and saves a lot of organic waste from the landfills.  Although biodegradable and organic, most compostable items get wrapped in plastic and tossed away which means they can not actually biodegrade like they naturally should.  You can compost banana peels, veggies, egg shells, coffee grounds & filters, grass clippings and more! 
  • Switch to Mama Cloth or the Diva Cup!  Greening your menstrual cycle is also a great thing to do.  not only will you save money and hassle, you'll save yourself from having to flush or toss the waste and it's a much more natural and safe alternative to store bought pads and tampons.
So what do you do?  Have you found any other easy ways to go green that don't require a lot of cash?


We are not very green, yet. Cloth diapers, cloth wipes, reusing most products. We still have a long way to go. Also, we are drying some clothes on the line. Mostly the diapers!

Great post on going green!


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