June 7, 2011

Our son Colby is 1yr old! We're celebrating with a Birthday Promotion!

One year ago today, I was in labor at the hospital with our son.  Happy Birthday, Colby!!


It took us three years to have Colby and many of you might remember we had a miscarriage between our daughter (now almost 6) and him.  My goals were to go into labor on my own and to have a VBAC.  Happily, on Monday June 7, around 2 am, I realized I was in labor, all on my own!  I labored drug free, for about 12 hours.  I was so proud of myself!  But then Colby got stuck.  Really stuck.  I finally got an epidural for some relief from the strong contractions.  We waited another 8 1/2 hours but I wasn't making any progress.  Things were swelling badly and I finally asked for another cesarean.  At 10:30 pm, after over 20 hours of labor, Colby Tate Hicks was born via c-section.  He was healthy and perfect in every way. 

Since we were in the hospital for a few days, we didn't use cloth.  But he went home in a cloth diaper (Kissaluvs fitted, size 0 with a Thirsties XS cover) and he's been in cloth ever since!

Back then, I blogged extensively about what fit a newborn and what didn't (in our experience).  Lots of photos of quite a few different brands, along with my reviews.  That experience led to us adding several brands of diapers to our store, including Rumparooz and Osocozy AIOs.

Today, most of the diapers we started with are gone...sold to make room for new diapers.  We're always testing new brands, new products, new ideas. We still have the BumGenius Elemental AIO, the Flip Diaper Cover, GroVia Covers, and Knickernappies One Size that we started with, but we also have Palm Tree Covers, Knickernappies Prefolds, Weehuggers Covers, and several others in our stash now.
Palm Tree diaper cover
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