June 20, 2011

Flushable Liners, Are they worth the money?

Some parents may think that disposable/flushable liners defeat the purpose of using cloth diapers because you're adding an extra expense and you're having to dispose of something.  I often wonder if those who don't see the value in using them maybe just haven't tried flushable liners yet?

The cost, using Imse Vimse Liners for example, breaks down to this.
  • Baby Size (200 per roll) $11.95- That's approximately .06 per diaper change.
  • Toddler Size (100 per roll) $6.95- That's approximately .07 per diaper change.
*Depending on the brand and size of the liners, some moms get away with using the Toddler size and cutting them in half for use on infants and tiny babies.  Using the Imse Vimse pricing above,  that would equate to .034 per diaper change.

So what do the liners actually do?  Well, they catch the poop!  They essentially give the poop something to stick to so that after your change a soiled diaper you can go to the toilet, pull off the liner, toss it in and flush.  You save yourself a lot of time having to clean, scrape, spray messy diapers before putting them into your diaper pail.  Because of less mess, you'll diapers will be cleaner when you launder them and the result will be
less work, cleaner diapers, and less staining.

True, sometimes the liners will bunch up or move around inside the diaper, especially on more mobile toddlers, but you might find that the expense is still worth it to you, even if the liners don't catch every single mess.

Watch this great Youtube Video below and see if this doesn't totally make you want to start using our Flushable/Biodegradable Liners!


I have been using flushable liners for 3 months but recently I decided to stop. Lately, the liners haven't been catching the whole mess and I had to swish the diaper in the toilet anyway. So I was paying for the liners for nothing. I blame the change on my 9 month old starting to have MUCH larger poops.


When we were cloth diapering, biodegradable liners were a must for us. I preferred the Bummis because the Imse Vimse seemed scratchy to me. Also, I was informed by an acquaintance who worked for the wastewater district that just because they say flushable, doesn't mean it's a good idea to flush them!