May 2, 2011

Winner of the Cloth Diaper Outlet $20.00 Gift Certificate is....PLyndzE!

Congratulations to PLyndzE!  You're lucky comment #32 and the random winner of last week's Trophy Tuesday Giveaway!!  She will receive a $20.00 Gift Certificate to Cloth Diaper Outlet so that she can purchase a GroVia diaper or any other product she chooses!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered.  Please make sure to check back tomorrow for our next Trophy Tuesday Promotion!


This is great! I did not know you were cloth diapering. I bought some
when I first has Will and then did not stick with it with SO MANY poopy
diapers! :)..I have been looking into it again. It just seems a bit
overwhelming. THis is very helpful.

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