May 14, 2011

Quick Start Guide to using a Rump-a-rooz Pocket Diaper!

Guest post by Laura

To prepare your Rumparooz diaper for use, lay the diaper on a flat surface, fleece side up with the pocket opening closest to you. Next, place the insert inside of the pocket, making sure the insert is laying flat. Reach all the way to the front of the diaper while still holding onto the insert and, using your other hand, grab the front part of the diaper- making sure to include the front part of the insert.

With the hand you’re using to put the insert in, slowly pull your hand out while stretching the elastic until the entire insert is underneath the fleece layer. Now your diaper is (almost) ready to go!
To adjust the rise on your Rumparooz pocket diaper, there are 3 layers of snaps.  This allows you to adjust the diaper to fit from birth to potty training. You will need to guesstimate about what size your baby is, try it on your baby for size, and-if needed-take it off of your baby to re-adjust and so on. It is a good idea to adjust the rise before putting the insert inside of the pocket-this is to avoid the insert bunching up and causing uneven absorbency and a bumpy uneven look to the diaper.
Once you have adjusted the rise of the diaper and placed the insert(s) in the pocket, it is time to put the diaper on your baby. Just as you would do with a disposable diaper, place the back side of the diaper under your baby’s bum. With a Rumparooz diaper, make sure the gathered fleece in the back of the diaper is just above the top of your baby’s bottom. This will help to ensure that any explosions will be contained inside of the diaper. Pull the front of the diaper up through the legs and onto the front of the baby. Snap or Velcro in place, being sure that the diaper fits snugly, but not tight.
It takes a little bit of trial and error to find what rise adjustment, absorbency, etc. work for your baby. But once you do, it’s so easy to use!

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Laura’s Bio:  Laura is a wife and stay-at-home mother to her 3 daughters. She enjoys cloth diapering, bike riding, reading, walking, and arts & crafts.


I have two Rumparooz and love them.. I use them at night with the Bamboo inserts...