May 19, 2011

Never say never!

When I first started cloth diapering it was because I had learned of the newer more modern styles;  Pocket Diapers, One-Size Diapers, Micofiber, etc.  I must admit, the thought of prefolds, pins, covers...those old fashioned diapers that I envisioned in my mind were the reason I never gave cloth a second thought with my first child.

But then it happened, after beginning to use cloth diapers, the modern styles, I became a little "prefold curious."  I found out about the super cool newfangled fastener, aka the Snappi, and I also really loved the look of the new covers with aplix closures.

I still questioned...Did I...Should I....Do I....Hmmm.  Finally determining that I did in fact want to attempt to use prefolds.  After all, part of the fun in cloth diapering is that you want to try as many methods, styles and brands as you possibly can.

So, after purchasing some covers and prefolds I jumped right in.  Guess what happened?  I loved them!  In fact I found myself preferring them over the use of pocket diapers, when I was going to be at home with the kids.  I loved the simplicity, the fact that they were so easy to launder, and the fact that often you could reuse the same cover as long as it wasn't soiled.

So how about you?  Was there a method you swore you'd never use or try?  Did you end up trying it and liking it just as I did with prefolds?


I felt the same way about prefolds and now use them all the time. I even wrote about it on my blog. Our Home on the Range: Be Not Afraid...of Prefolds

We use prefolds and covers for our DS also. We have a few AIOs but the ease of the prefold and cover almost always wins out. I have been very happy with cloth diapering and am so happy we made the choice to not use disposables.