April 20, 2011

Were you one of our (10) FaceBook Fan Winners? Check and see!

Last night was a BIG night for us on the I Love Cloth Diapers FaceBook page!  We surpassed the 1000 fan goal that we were aiming for and we got to choose the 10 random facebook fans to win our 10 free diapers!

If you haven't checked in to our FaceBook Page recently then you should!  You could have been chosen as a lucky winner and you don't even know it!

Visit our page and view posts by "I Love Cloth Diapers" in order to find the winners announcements.  If you won then shoot us an email to claim your prize!

Irene B.
Christopher M.
Christina F.
Wendy M.
Kelly J.
Dani H.
Dawn P.
Lauren F.
Krystal M.
Sarah T.

Thanks for being a Fan of I Love Cloth Diapers!