April 4, 2011

The value in reusable training pants; I wouldn't want to wear paper underwear would you?

There are many great reasons why you should choose reusable cloth trainers over disposable ones.  

Cloth trainers can be reused for future children.  Disposable trainers can not be reused.  Even if a child doesn't "use" the disposable trainer, after one wear you'll notice they really aren't made to last.  You might be able to get another nights use out of it but beyond that it will become bunched up, uncomfortable and it essentially begins to fall apart.  Just another great way disposable companies have managed to keep their product in demand.  Their products are not made to last nor are they intended to be reused.

Cloth trainers feel and appear more like real underwear compared to disposables which look very much like disposable diapers. 

Cloth trainers are more comfortable, come in a variety of sizes, colors and styles and are not made from toxic chemicals and other materials than can irritate baby.  Your child will have a much more pleasant potty training experience.
Cloth training pants are very reasonably priced and can be comfortably reused without washing if your child had a successful night.  Depending on how often you do laundry you might only need a few pair of cloth trainers.  With disposables you'll need to buy package after package, and as you know, the bigger the child the less diapers their are in each package.

Disposable trainers also leak.  I've found that not only do disposable trainers fall apart, even if they aren't peed in, but if they are peed in they leak everywhere, as if they aren't even really supposed to be absorbent or functional.

The bottom line is that disposable trainers are a waste of money and resources and it simply makes no sense to invest in them when cloth trainers are available. 


I could not agree more. My oldest is turning 3 the end of this month and has been wearing various brands/styles of cloth trainers for almost a year because he's big for his age and was outgrowing many cloth diapers. In the last month or so he finally became 99% toilet trained and is now moving into just regular underwear. And just in time, too, because my 16 month old grabs his diaper and points to the bathroom now when he's about to poop! So I guess we have another "trainer" ready for those cloth trainers. :)

I didn't realize how much they cost... thanks for putting up the photo with the price tag! We are still in diapers around here, but using the potty upon suggestion twice a day.

Thanks for your share! very impressive!

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