April 5, 2011

Trophy Tuesday: Add some WeeHuggers to your stash!

Diapers don't just come along every day that you see and think "Oh I must have that!"  So that's why I wanted to share with you the WeeHuggers line, so that you can drool a little over how cute they are!

WeeHuggers are super innovative and cute.  They bring you all the functionality you love about your other workhorse diapers but these come in irresistible color combos and prints that you'll just have to have.

Use as a cover over your favorite fitted or prefold or use with inserts to make this cover into an instant AI2 diaper!  WeeHugger covers feature "stay-put" laminated bamboo/organic cotton flaps that insure your insert stays in place. The natural fibers gently wick moisture away from your babies' delicate skin.
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