April 8, 2011

REVIEW: Green Gamboni made-for-cloth-diapers Blue Jeans

One of the coolest parts of owning a diaper store is getting to try new things.  A couple of weeks ago I purchased a pair of Green Gamboni jeans for our 9 month old son.  Green Gamboni jeans are made from organic cotton denim and are designed to fit perfectly over cloth diapers.  Since Little C has never really worn jeans, we had to give them a try. 
Green Gamboni offers 5 styles, all of which are gender neutral.  I chose the Hedgehog style with reinforced knees--perfect for our new crawler.  I picked the 12-18 month size (22-27 lbs).  Our guy weighs 21.9 lbs so these should last a while for him. 

Our jeans arrived quickly, within just a few days.  They came without any packaging, just a paperboard tag hanging from a belt loop.  I appreciate the minimalist packaging!

I washed them first, so it was a few days before we got to actually try them.  They're a little big on our son, but that's to be expected since he's not quite into the weight range yet.  But otherwise they seemed to fit just fine. 

My husband was thrilled with them instantly.  He loved seeing Little C in blue jeans.  I wanted him to wear them a few times so I could write a thorough review, so back into the wash they went. 

Our son has now worn his Green Gamboni jeans three times.  We love them!  I found myself picking them out of the dryer so he could wear them right away this weekend. 

Little C is wearing a trifolded prefold diaper in a diaper cover.  Not usually considered the trimmest diaper, but you'll see that his jeans still fit great! 

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I love the reinforced knees on the Hedgehog style

Green Gamboni's special touch

Green Gamboni prices:  $39 - $48 (as tested $44)
Made in the USA
98% certified cotton, 2% stretch

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