April 27, 2011

REVIEW: Boogie Wipes! They are incredible!

I don't often do reviews, but every now and then I just love something so much.  This time it's Boogie Wipes.  Here's my story...

Since we're from Oregon, same as Boogie Wipes, I've known about them since they first came out in 2007.  My daughter was about 2 years old then.  I got a couple of samples at a baby show and liked them, but we're a cloth/reusable wipes family.  I preferred to use moist cloth wipes on her nose and didn't see a reason to change.

Fast forward a few years.  Our son is 10 months old and about a month ago, he got a really nasty cold.  Goopy eyes, constant drippy nose, you get the picture.  The poor kid was miserable and even with cloth wipes, his nose was sore in less than a day.  I remembered Boogie Wipes and one night at about 9 pm, I left for the nearest store in search of these incredible wipes that gently clean crusty baby noses.

I bought the grape-scented wipes and we immediately started using them.  By now his little nose was scabby and bleeding, even though we'd been very careful when wiping.  For the next 3 days, all we used on our son's tender nose were the Boogie Wipes, even going to buy another package when the first ran low.  After the first few hours, we noticed a difference...he quit fighting us on every nose wipe and the redness disappeared.  The sore scabbed over and stopped bleeding.  By the end of Day 3, even the scab was gone and you couldn't tell that he'd ever had a sore nose, despite the fact that his nose was running as much as ever.

Believe it or not, things went from bad to worse and we ended up at the doctor (pink eye and double ear infection).  His nose was now gushing green slime and his eyes were as well.  Our doctor told us to coat his nostrils with polysporin to help the tenderness, but when she examined him, she was surprised to see that his nose looked great!  We told her about Boogie Wipes and she said "Those are wonderful wipes!"

After this experience, I'm a Boogie Wipes believer!  I contacted the folks at Boogie Wipes to ask about sponsoring a giveaway.  Not only did they agree to give TWO full-size packs of Boogie Wipes to one of our readers, but they sent me a sample of their Simply Unscented Boogie Wipes.  I'm in love all over again!

Each pack contains 30 extra soft wipes and runs for about $3.99 in stores.  You can get a 50-cents-off coupon from their website if you sign up for their Boogie Bunch.  So go already!!  Print the coupon and go buy a pack...you will not regret it the next time your little one has a cold!

Look for our Boogie Wipes Giveaway in the next couple days!