April 28, 2011

Need to cloth diaper on a budget? Check out these great tips!

Cloth diapering saves you a ton of money over disposables in the long run but some families find the initial investment of cloth diapers too much to afford.  What they and you need to know, is that you CAN cloth diaper on a budget, still save money, and still have a perfectly good diapering system that you can rely on.

Here are some great tips for cloth diapering when money is tight! 
  • Consider prefolds!  Prefolds are a super inexpensive yet very durable and forgiving method of cloth diapering.  They average in cost from $2-$3 each and can be bought in bulk at a greater discount.  Don't waste your money on Gerber prefolds, their purpose is more for use as a burp cloth, real Chinese or Indian prefolds are much softer, thicker, and made to be used as a real cloth diapering method.
  • Purchase Duo Sized or Onesized Covers!  Covers, for use with your prefolds, can be purchased in various sizes.  While it is true that the sized covers have a more tailored and visually appealing fit, you can purchase Duo Sized covers like Thirsties or Onesize covers like Kawaii, which are only $7.99 each.
  • Buy Gently Used Diapers!  I recommend looking for gently used or certified pre-owned diapers that are being sold by a cloth diaper retailer.  This ensures that they really are in good shape, don't have residue build-up, and often qualify for additional store discounts when combined with any other order.
  • Try handwashing!  If washing facilites are an issue then prefolds and covers will definitely be a good option for you.  Prefolds can easily be handwashed in a sink, bathtub or camp-style bucket washer and can be hung out to dry.  Covers are really easily washed by hand and dry within about 20-30 minutes when the conditions are right.
  • Ask for hand-me-downs!  You might be surprised to find that others you know have cloth diapers they no longer use or may have never used.  Don't be afraid to ask and see if anyone you know has cloth diapering items they'd want to part with.
Well mamas, those are just a few tips for how you can cloth diaper on a budget!  Do you have any suggestions to add?  We'd love to read your comments.


My biggest suggestion and how I got most of my daughters stash...enter online giveaways. There seems to be and endless number of online giveaways for diapers. I have won at least 20 diapers just from entering contests casually. For anyone who is pregnant and knows they want to use cloth...if you enter giveaways throughout your giveaway, with a little luck, you can have enough diapers before you baby arrives.

Don't forget flats! In my opinion, they are trimmer than prefolds, and more one-size as well. Also, they wash and dry easier so you'll spend less on utilities to clean them!

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moisture and it's SO EASY!! I love all in ones, but I hate how long
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its right for new born baby I have won at least 20 diapers just from entering contests casually. For anyone who is pregnant and knows they want to use cloth.
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I love it for night time! Only other diaper besides my that keep him dry at night. My boy is a tummy sleeper too. He is 23 pounds and 18 months old. Also love that it fits my 4 year old who is 43 pounds if needed.

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I love your post. ive been using cloth on my son since he was 3 weeks old and im so happy i did it! Feel free to check out my blog, i do a lot of cloth diaper posts that you might find interesting :)