April 6, 2011

How do you use a Pocket Diaper? Step-by-step tutorial.

Guest Post By: Lindsay Oussa from Lindsay's Family Reviews and Giveaways

Pocket Diaper
These cloth diapers are made with a cover sewn onto a layer of fleece, or micro suede, and include an opening on the inside for you to put your insert. The pockets allow you to customize how thin or thick you want the diaper to be (depending on the number of inserts you use) and, best of all, they allow you to control how absorbent the diaper will be.  You can stuff with as little or as much as you would like.  

What can you stuff it with you ask?  Well pretty much anything you want. Because there is a stay dry fabric touching your baby's skin, you can put what ever you want in the pocket. Most pocket diapers come with either a microfiber insert or hemp insert, but you can also use a  prefold diaper or bamboo insert as well.  You can use any of those alone or for those times you need a more absorbent diaper, like for long car rides or at night, you can mix and match.  

There are two types of pocket diapers: One-size and sized.  
One-sized diapers will fit most children from birth until potty training alleviating the need to purchase different sizes.  They are adjusted by either snaps, that are on the front of the diaper, or by the elastic in the legs and the back.

Sized diapers usually come in size small, medium, and large, but here are some brands that carry newborn and ex-large sizes.  Since these diapers are sized you would need to purchase some in each size.  These types of pocket diapers are great for the newborn stage, when they are too little to fit into the one-sized ones.

The diaper's {ANATOMY}:  

PUL (polyurethane laminate)
This is the waterproof fabric used in most cloth diapers (the cover portion) out there. 

Microfleece or Micro suede
Most pocket cloth diapers use this material for the part of the diaper that will be right up against baby's skin. It is a very soft fabric that does not absorb but instead wicks moisture away from baby's skin to help prevent rash and keep baby dry.

This is the two types of closures used on cloth diapers. You basically will either have APLIX, which is a fancy name for velcro, with landry tabs or you'll have snaps. Aplix allows for easier adjustment, of course, although snaps are more durable and are likely to last longer, in my opinion.

How do you use it? 

If the diaper has solid waste in it, you would remove the insert, dump the waste in the toilet, spray it off with a sprayer, or dunk in the toilet, and then put the shell in the pail along with the insert.  If it is just soiled with urine then you would just take the insert out and place both the shell and insert in your diaper pail.  There are some pocket diapers that have inserts that agitate out during the wash and in that case you would not need to remove them.

After washing your diapers you would simply just stuff the insert back into the pocket and put it on baby!  It really is that easy!  Pocket diapers are my favorite because, once stuffed, they are as easy as disposables, making them Daddy and daycare friendly!  I don't even have to mention the cuteness...just take a look for yourself.

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Excellent post! Pocket diapers are my husband's absolute favorite! (It's hard to get him to use anything else. That's ok by me; I'm just glad he's willing to share diaper duty!)

Very thoroughly written! Thank you Lindsay