April 22, 2011

Green Your Period this Earth Day with the Diva Cup! Read about the day Heather fell in love with it!

After my daughter's birth 5 (almost 6!) years ago, I swore I'd never use mama cloth.  Yes, we were cloth diapering.  Yes, I believe in reusing whatever we can.  Yes, I know...I was a hypocrite!

When my delightful daughter was a year old, my menstrual cycle returned and I happily trotted to the store for supplies.  I'd been a tampon user most of my "womanly" life and I planned to stay that way.  But lo and behold, tampons weren't comfortable anymore.  Or leak proof.  Ew.

And so I became a mama cloth user.

A year after that, I was introduced to the Diva Cup.  I'd heard of it but it sounded intimidating and a little weird.  Plus, was it even safe to use?  But when a friend tried it and raved, I had to give it a go.  After all, a former tampon user will never truly be a happy pad user!

My first month with the Diva Cup was pretty rough.  I quickly learned the "Diva Dance" and found myself googling for alternate folds.  After 3 days, I put the cup away, frustrated that I'd wasted $33.

The next month, I was packing for a 2 week trip to my brother's wedding.  Very out of town...long flight followed by an 18 hour drive.  And then we'd do it again in reverse a few days later.  My period was due right in the middle of the trip.  But we were trying to get pregnant and of course I was hoping my period wouldn't come at all.  So my conundrum...I didn't want to pack a bunch of cloth pads because we were short on suitcase space, not to mention we wouldn't have laundry facilities.  And I didn't want to buy and pack a bunch of disposable pads because if I got pregnant, I'd be wasting money on something I wouldn't be using.  What to do?

I got a very brave idea.

I only packed my Diva Cup.

Yes, the cup I'd struggled with so much the month before was the only thing I took with me.  It was discreet in its tiny purple bag and it took no space in my suitcase.  If my period started, it would be all I would need for the whole trip, and because it can be dumped & cleaned, there would be no waste whatsoever.  And if I was pregnant instead, then no money or suitcase space wasted.

Fast forward to our trip.  The wedding was over and we'd just left for the first leg of our 18 hour drive back to my mom's house.  An hour into the drive, I knew I had to stop for a restroom break.  Sure enough, I needed my Diva Cup.  In a slightly dirty gas station bathroom, I did the Diva Dance, inserted 2 or 3 times, answered my mom's question "Are you okay in there?" with "Yes! I'm fine!  Go away!"  Back in the car, I thought "Here we go...either this works or it doesn't."  I was nervous at this point, but still feeling pretty brave.

And then it happened.

The Diva Cup worked.  I couldn't even feel it.  I forgot I had a period.  I was 2000 miles from home and in a car loaded with other people and I was carefree.  Comfortable.  Happy.

I was in love.  With my Diva Cup.

That was 4 years ago and I've been a happy Diva Cup lover ever since.  I even got my OBGYN to switch.  I did eventually become pregnant and now that my adorable baby is 10 months old, I have my Diva Cup in use again.  Fond memories of that silly little silicone cup!