April 7, 2011

Did cloth diapering lead to your family becoming greener?

Seems crazy but cloth diapering really did lead to our family implementing many more eco-friendly and green-ish practices in our day to day life.

After beginning to cloth diaper we realized that it was absolutely ABSURD to not also be recycling!  Why hadn't we done it before?  Laziness, I can admit it.  We didn't have the special bins, we didn't know where we'd keep the recyclables, blah blah blah.  Not until we started recycling did we realize just how much more convenient, cleaner, and EASY it really was.  Now I can't stop recycling.  At other people's houses I find myself retrieving recyclables out of their garbage and lecturing them on why they need to recycle.

We also gave composting a try.  I was bad at it.  The raccoons kept making a mess of it and we had a ton of fruit flies.  But hey, at least the raccoons were taking care of it instead of it going into a garbage bag where it couldn't biodegrade.

We are much more aware of our energy consumption and try to be more conscious of turning off lights, unplugging things when not in use and attempt to live with the A/C on a higher temp than before.  One day we'd love to be able to afford solar, that would be ideal.

I also "greened" my menstrual cycle by beginning to use the Diva Cup.  Totally love it, wish I had switched earlier.  It makes so much more sense, is way easier to use than I thought, and saves us a ton of money.  Plus now there are no tampons or waste to flush into our septic like before.

So has cloth diapering led to your family becoming "greener" or more eco-conscious?  We'd love to read your comments.