March 18, 2011

Summer time is on the way! Did you purchase your babies Swim Diaper yet?

Summer time is almost here!  I know that's probably hard to believe for some of you who are still feeling the wrath of winter, but it's true I promise!

Swim Diapers are commonly one of those necessities that are forgotten, until you go to the pool or beach.  Then you realize how costly and ineffective disposable swimmies are and you realize you should have purchased a reusable swim diaper.

Reusable swim diapers are great for a variety of reasons.  First, they contain messes that disposable swim diapers do not.  They're avaialable in a variety of brands, prints and styles and look so cute that your little one won't even need a bathing suit over it.

They work great for any outdoor playtime activities, trips to the pool or local waterpark and trips to the beach, lake, pond, and so on.  They aren't bulky at all and contain gentle elastic that won't leave harsh red marks or irritation.

They are also really affordable.  Especially when you consider how much a pack of disposable swim diapers cost!

We recommend Bummis, they come in three sizes and are available in a variety of super cute prints for any little boy or girl in your life.  MSRP $13.95

Imse Vimse are also one of our family's favorites!  These great swimmers come in SEVEN different sizes and are also available in a variety of prints.  They're super comfortable and ready to wear, no added inserts or accessories needed.  MSRP $15.95

So swim into summer in style with these great reusable swim diapers!