February 11, 2011

How to Stuff a Pocket Diaper

Guest Post

At the request of my husband, the bulk of our diapers are pocket diapers. They are just as easy as a disposable when the need for a diaper change arises. The system works best if all the diapers are stuffed and ready, so it’s the first thing I do every other morning. Pocket diapers comprise about three-fourths of our stash, but I need only about twenty minutes to get all the diapers from the dryer to the shelf.

Stuffing a pocket diaper can be frustrating. I’ve discovered a little trick that works perfectly on our Knickernappies diapers. My husband kindly served as photographer so you can see it in action.

First, place a hand on each side of the diaper cover and scrunch it up on either side. (Ladies, think pantyhose!)

I hold the diaper cover with my left hand and place the inserts into the opening with my right hand.

I then slide my left hand over so I can pinch the inserts at the closed end of the diaper cover.

I spread the right hand so my thumb is on one side of the insert and my fingers are on the other, tucked just inside the diaper cover. I hold them out slightly, so they can slide easily on either side of the insert. Then I pull my right hand down, dragging the cover with it. The insert and end of the cover stay in place, still held firmly by my left hand.
That’s it!

I like to give the diaper one good snap to even everything out. Sometimes I then run my fingers over the edges just to make sure the insert is smooth.

~Post written by Kansas Mom, originally posted 3/18/09


And I'm still using the same method on the same pocket diapers! Almost two years and still going strong.

thanks for the tip - that's really helpful!