February 10, 2011

Diaper Liners – The Small Things That Make a Big Difference

Guest Post

I started using diaper liners as soon as I began cloth diapering, convinced that they would save me time on cleaning messy poop from my prefolds. However, this was still in the early days when my baby was entirely breastfed and the consistency of poop usually ran overboard. Since I almost always ended up washing out the stains by hand before they were put in the pail, I stopped buying the liners.

When baby started solids, things immediately changed. With the poop now more firm it would have been easily contained in the liner and it was frustrating to be spending so much time each day washing the marks out. Because the liners were not locally available I started using pieces of folded kitchen paper instead but this disintegrated with urine and made a mess. So it was with eager anticipation that I awaited for my next online order of Imse Vimse liners to arrive. As expected I now find these liners invaluable. They make cloth diapering so much easier and are truly an item that I don’t want to live without!

I bought the Imse Vimse range because it said they were biodegradeable and suitable for septic tanks and at the outset I threw every used one into the toilet. Then I read a review of the product in which the reviewer shared her experience of using the liners, saying that whilst the dirty ones got flushed immediately, the ones that were just wet could be washed and reused. Well to me, an eco-mama on a budget, this was great advice. I started washing them out by hand which was successful but when one slipped into my machine load and came out fine I began to add them to my pail for the main wash. So I save both time and money with these liners!

As an aside, this recycling of the liners gave me the opportunity to compile some statistics on my daughters diaper habits. I kept all the clean and dried reused ones in a bag and when I finished the roll of 100 I counted how many had been saved in order to tally her poop to pee ratio! A mother's fun!

--Written by Terri Henry