January 18, 2011

Trophy Tuesday: Great Deal on Flip Diapers!

Today's Trophy is a Deal...select Flip Diapers and Flip Day Packs are 15% off and include free shipping!

We did inventory yesterday of our entire warehouse and found we have TOO MANY FLIPS!  So we're offering this great sale for 1 week only, today through Sunday, Jan 23.  Enjoy 15% off and free shipping!

Flip Diapers 15% off and Free Shipping!

Includes Flip Cover with Organic Insert, Flip Cover with StayDry insert, Flip Organic Day Packs, and Flip Stay-Dry Day Packs

My review:
(I am not paid or compensated by Flip in any way for this review.)

We've been using Flip on our son since he was born.  He's 7 months now.  The cover we have has held up beautifully, showing hardly any signs of wear despite being washed about twice a week since birth.  The cover works well over prefolds, most fitted diapers, and flats.  We have both the stay-dry insert and the organic insert.

The stay-dry insert works well but is a little bit "loosey goosey" in the cover.  It seems to slide around more, but it's a very trim option.  A cover and stay-dry insert will fit under practically any of his clothing.

The organic insert is the one we usually use.  It's basically a prefold custom-made for Flip covers, so it's just the right length and it has convenient fold lines sewn right into the prefold so you can quickly get the perfect fit every time.  The organic insert is very absorbent and we use it overnight with a doubler.  The organic insert holds all kinds of poo with no problem. 

Overall, I love the fit of the Flip cover and since I prefer snaps, this is one of the first covers I reach for.