January 8, 2011

It's not just your imagination...they really do disappear sometimes

I've always kept a trim diaper stash.  About 25 diapers is usually my limit...just what I need for 2 days (maybe 3) plus a couple extra.  And I have just enough inserts to fill my pocket diapers.  So I notice when one goes missing.  Where did that insert go?  Who takes an insert? 

This time I caught the culprit in the act! 

Yep, that's a Just-Hemp insert almost entirely eaten by my washing machine.  I managed to pull it out and revive the poor thing, but I had to photograph the proof. 

And when I was washing breast pads, I had a couple go missing after one of the first washes.  Ran my hand around the inside under the plastic agitator and found them both.  I don't like washing breast pads in a mesh bag because they come out all lumpy, so instead I checked under the agitator every time.  I never completely lost one, but I had to pull several out of the agitator.

Baby socks love to get eaten.  Those I do wash in a mesh laundry bag.  I once heard a mom tell of her pipes getting clogged from lost baby socks. 

So go forth and wash diapers, but check the washing machine monster to see if he's eating anything!


Oh I am so glad I found this. I have had a few pockets get stuck under there and I've had to pull them out!! Now I have grease or burned marks on them? Do you think that's what it is? What do you suggest other than buy a new washer?