January 2, 2011

Fast and easy instructions for making a stroller blanket

I've been wanting a stroller blanket for our little guy for a while now, but I just can't bring myself to pay full price.  The other day I headed over to the fabric store and found two fabrics right off that I loved.  I sewed the blanket today and posted pictures on my personal Facebook page.  Soon a family member asked for the pattern so she could make one.  I decided to take pictures and make it into a blog post so you can try it, too!

I think most strollers are about the same width, but you might measure yours and tweak your measurements to match.  Here's what I did...

1/2 yard of minkee fabric (orange)  = $5.85 on sale at Joann's and a 10% off coupon
1/2 yard of coordinating snuggle fleece  = $4.95 on sale & with a coupon

I already had thread to match. 

Half a yard was perfect for my stroller, I didn't trim the width at all.

1. I cut three strips from the bottom edge of the minkee...each about 2" wide.  I folded them lengthwise into thirds and sewed down the center of each.  This made three long strips (18" long) that I used for the ties and the toy loops.  You could use ribbon and skip this step.  I cut two of the long strips in half (9" long) so I would have two ties for each side of the blanket.  The third long piece I cut into three pieces (6" long) for the toy loops (I only used two, so I have a strip left over that's about 6" long)

2. I matched up the fabrics right-side in.  I held it up to our stroller and found where I wanted the ties to be.  I pinned the ties in place so that when I turned the blanket right-side-out, the long ends would hang out of the seam.  Next I stitched up the sides of the blanket, reinforcing over the ties.  I used a zig-zag stitch.  You could also use a serger, but I didn't bother.

3. I held it up to the stroller again and found where I wanted the toy loops.  I wanted my stroller blanket to fold over where the ties are...

Click on images to see a bigger version.

Showing the fold...ties at each side, toy loops in the middle.

Close up of toy loop (with plastic link) and side ties.

4.  I put the toy loops on the fold.  When the folded part is up around his shoulders, he can't really play with his toys, but that's okay...I'd rather his hands stay tucked inside where it's warm!  But for walking the mall, for instance, this puts his toys right at the perfect level.

5. From the backside of the fleece (brown fabric) I cut tiny slits and poked the loop through the hole to the right side.  From the back, I zigzagged over the loop ends and the cut fleece, tacking the loops down and closing the hole.  I reinforced this pretty good. 

6. From the backside, I sewed across the top of the blanket, sewing it shut.  Then I turned it all right-side out to make sure everything looked good before I closed the last side.

7. If it looks good, then go to the bottom of the blanket.  Tuck about 1" of the raw edge inside.  Hold the two fabrics together and top-stitch to close the blanket.  You can be done at this point if you want.

8. I went one more step and made a pocket for his feet to keep them cozy warm.  I made my blanket about 14" longer than necessary and folded this layer up and under...
Showing the foot pocket on the finished blanket.
9. I sewed up the edges of the foot pocket and reinforced the corners where all the layers meet so that kicky baby feet won't tear the blanket. 

10.  I used some fleece scraps to embellish the edges of my ties, but this totally was just for fun and not needed.

Finished blanket:
37" long, 17" wide, foot pocket 13" deep
Total cost = $10.80
Total time to make = about 1 hour, making it up as I went along

Finished blanket...this side goes against baby.
Finished blanket...this is the side everyone sees when it's in use

Finished blanket in use.  I can pull the flap up and tuck it in around his neck for extra warmth.
And that carpet...it's at the roller rink, not our house!  LOL

Post and photos are the sole copyright of Heather Hicks, CDO LLC, 2011.


very cute! I think I will go to the fabric store tomorrow

I saw your stroller blanket and had to make one too. Thanks for sharing it was fun to make one for my son, can't wait to get outside and use it.

Hi just wanted to thank you. I am very very new to sewing (as in bought a sewing machine a week ago) and I could make this for one of my twins. All I have to do is make another one for my other twins but given I still looked after twins and made whole thing in less than 3-4 hours including cutting the fabrics, I am so grateful with your tutorial.

You made this project look so easy! I will definitely have to give it a try.