January 19, 2011

Babies...the documentary

Last night hubby and I watched the Babies documentary after our kids were in bed.  First, this is a seriously cute movie.  I giggled all the way through, especially at the antics that remind me of my own baby.  Second, there are a lot of differences in how we raise kids across the globe! 

If you haven't seen the movie yet, filmographers followed four babies from birth until 1 year.  One baby is in the US, one in Africa, one in Japan, and one in Mongolia.  There's no dialog, just film footage of these kids, sorted loosely by what they're doing at each stage (eating, playing, sleeping, etc).  It's about an hour long.  I definitely recommend it!

One thing I keep thinking about...the African baby never wears a diaper.  I wonder if diapers ever touch their bottoms?  The movie didn't go too much into how diapering / pottying is handled, but you get glimpses here and there.  For instance, the African mom let the poo dry, then wiped it clean on her knee.  (Ew, I know, but things are different there)  Then she wiped her knee clean.  You see the Mongolian baby getting a lot of naked time, too, especially once he was old enough to sit up.  The US baby wore cloth but she was always dressed.  The Japanese baby I never could tell what she was wearing for a diaper, but she was always dressed, too.  I suppose naked baby girls aren't appropriate for tv these days. 

Another thing I noticed was a clear difference in the toys and activities between the developed countries (US, Japan) and the undeveloped (Namibia, Mongolia).  The Japanese and US babies had lots of toys and books.  Their moms put them in baby carriers or strollers and went to play dates, music class, and the park.  The Mongolian baby spent most of his time at home with goats and cows.  He played with toilet paper in one scene, with simple Duplo-type blocks in another.  No other baby toys were seen.  The African baby played with rocks, sticks, and bones.  Oh, and an empty water bottle and a tin can.  Yet I swear the African baby looked like he had the most fun! 

There were things that were the same across all 4 as well.  All were breastfed at least for a while.  And all 4 were clearly loved by their mothers and a network of people.  Lovely movie. 


I loved that movie! I also was really interested in the similarities and differences among all the babies. I watched it with my 1 year old one day while my nearly 3 year old was napping, and the baby LOVED it! He squealed and cooed at the tv screen the WHOLE time. He also loved when there were animals on screen, so seemed to love the Mongolian baby the most. I should buy a copy, because I'd watch it again and again and I think my kids would, too. Oh, I especially loved that part where the African boy was drinking out of the stream. Such pretty scenery and you're right, he was ALWAYS having fun!

Just goes to show that the simplest toys are the best. We let our daughter play with the box for a few days before assuming she'll play with any new toy. We always ask for simple toys for her, and let her use her imagination.

We just watched this last night. I noticed that the US and & Tokyo baby both were hovered over the whole time, Mongolian baby was alone the majority of the time, and the african baby was never alone but left to do his own thing.

funny! I just watched that last night! Seriously, very cool movie. My husband even watched it...and our baby too. She was excited to see other babies talking and crying. she kept looking back at me and smiling--i don't know at 4 months can they actually "enjoy" other babies? Or even really appreciate it? lol

Can't believe I haven't seen that yet! I was going to see it in the theater while I was pregnant but never got around to it.