August 14, 2010

An Ode to Leaky Breasts

The baby is here
The breasts have grown
Soon the leaking will appear
That much, experience has shown
At first, the breasts will swell
Past the C, past the D, all the way to E
Then you're in nursing bra hell
Engorgement spells misery
When that stage is done
You'll need to have some pads
For now it's time for all the fun
That a leaky breast adds.

Ah, yes, leaking breasts are the hallmark of breastfeeding.  They can be painful, they can be embarrassing, they can even be fun (Mommy, make your boob squirt!).  I can't solve the painful part (grin and bear it, you'll get through!) but I can help with the embarrassing part. 

Knickernappies Stay-Dry pads
If you're reading this blog, then you probably already know about cloth diapers.  Cloth nursing pads is an easy switch to make.  Not only are they more comfortable than disposable nursing pads, they can save money too.  One more thing to NOT buy at the store!

Knickernappies Stay-Dry Nursing Pads - these have several nice features.  Against the skin is soft fleece.  It wicks moisture away from the skin, keep you dry and helping to prevent mastitis.  Inside the pad is a layer of hemp, naturally anti-microbial and absorbant.  On the outside is PUL, stopping leaks before they hit your shirt. A great go-to pad for venturing outside the house or for nights.

Moonbeam Wool & Bamboo nursing pads - I love these pads!!  So expensive but so worth every single dime.  I leak a lot and wear pads 24/7, so these have been fabulous.  Bamboo velour against the skin is very soft, though not stay-dry so you'll need to make sure you change pads if they're at all damp.  Inside is absorbant cotton.  On the back is waterproof (but washable!) wool.  These are also leakproof, like the KN pads above, so moisture won't seep through onto your shirt.  The pads we carry at CDO are extra absorbant, which make them awesome for heavy-leakers or for nighttime.  Moonbeam pads conform to the breast so they don't show, even though they're thicker than the other brands.

Knickernappies Hemp Nursing Pads - a great, all-natural pad with no waterproof barrier.  This is a simple pad with three layers of absorbant hemp.  I love these for nights tucked under a waterproof pad for maximum absorbancy and leak protection.  These also form nicely to the breast so they don't show hardly at all under tshirts. 

All three of these brands are made in the USA and all are about 5" in diameter.  All are machine-washable and dryable.

August 9, 2010

Our Woombie Story

Right around the time our son was born, a sales rep from Woombie emailed me, asking me to carry the Woombie in our store.  I'd seen it in magazines, so I was somewhat familiar with it...The Woombie is basically an armless, legless sleeper.  The idea is that by zipping your baby up in the Woombie, you're automatically swaddling your baby.  Couldn't be easier.  Plus, babies can't really get out of the Woombie, so arms and legs are secure inside.  Your baby can move arms and legs, just not very much.

I bought a sample to try with Colby.  When we got it, he was about 2 weeks old.  The first night, we looked at our little mummy boy in his crib and thought "Gosh, he looks uncomfortable."  But he slept well and we thought the Woombie was awesome.

Then we hit a hot spell and since we have no air conditioning, Colby slept in nothing but a diaper for several nights.  We forgot all about the Woombie

Fast forward to about 4 weeks...Colby is up and down all night and when he's asleep, he makes constant noises and fidgets.  I'm not sleeping at all and I'm beginning to resemble a zombie.  Then I remember swaddling...and the Woombie.  We zipped him up into his lime green Woombie and he immediately stopped crying.  Minutes later he was asleep.  That night we enjoyed some of the best sleep we'd had since Colby was born.  We were in love!!

A few nights ago, we decided to do an experiment and see if the Woombie was as wonderful as we thought.  So we did the unthinkable...we went a night without the Woombie.  In truth, his only newborn-size Woombie was dirty.  What do you know...for hours he tossed and kicked and made grunty noises.  We didn't sleep well and around 3 am, my husband finally begged "Where is the Woombie?"  He dug it out of the dirty laundry and put it on Colby.  Ahhhh...quiet sleep returned for the rest of  the night. 

Now we Do. Not. Ever. go without our Woombie!