July 19, 2010

Revisiting some diapers at 6 weeks

Just a quick update post, without pictures (though I'll get them later, I promise!)

Now that we've been using most of our diapers for 6 weeks, I thought I'd update you on some of them. 

Before: in my first review, Colby was about 1 week old and around 8 lbs.  I thought the soaker was way too bulky but the cover was nice.
Now: now I'm loving the GroVia system.  The soakers fit great at 6 weeks and 12 lbs.  Amazing the difference a few pounds will make.  I will definitely recommend this diaper, but would recommend using small prefolds or fitteds under the GroVia covers for the first few weeks.  Save the soakers until your baby is at least 10 lbs.

FuzziBunz OneSize
Before: I liked it, but it leaked.
Now: That was the one and only time it leaked.  This diaper has been in regular rotation now for 5 weeks and it's doing great.

Before: It fit, but was awkward and funny looking.
Now: I tried this diaper again this week and I found that it fit much, much better.  Looked like any other diaper and the prefold inside lasted a long time before needing changed. 

Applecheeks Cover
Before: loved it, fit great
Now: Where is this cover???  It's gone from our stash, I can't find it anywhere.  It's got to be here somewhere, right?  I now realize it's been 3-4 weeks since I've even seen the cover, so hopefully it's back behind the changing table...somewhere.

Diapering a Newborn - the diapers that DON'T work for us

When you try as many brands and styles of diapers as we are trying, there are bound to be some that just don't work.  They leak, they don't fit, etc.  In the nicest possible way, I'm reviewing below some of the diapers that just didn't work, or aren't yet working, for us.  Keep in mind that this our experience and  your experience may not be the same.  This is not a reflection of the companies themselves. 

CuteyBaby OneSize

CuteyBaby OneSize diaper - When I first saw this diaper, I thought it was an amazing concept.  The insert is sewn into the diaper on one end, so it's an all-in-one.  It has a little opening that it tucks into, which also would catch poop.  The velcro is the true genius: the hook part actually detaches so it doesn't go through the wash at all and can't catch on anything.  After the diaper is dry, put the hook tabs back on and they stay in pristine condition!  If not, they're super easy to replace and the diaper actually comes with an extra set of hook tabs.  Lovely!  But alas, this diaper doesn't fit our guy at all.  Instead of the typical rise snaps, this diaper has no adjustable rise. The waist is adjusted by two snaps, one on each hip.  But the two side snaps pop open constantly, making a tight-fitting waist impossible for little babies.  And with the rise more suited to a larger baby, I also can't adjust the leg openings so they gap open.  And the diaper is bulky.  Really bulky.  Our baby is now 12 pounds at 5 weeks and while I've tried this diaper on Colby several times, it's never actually been used.  The fit is just too awkward. 

SoftBums OneSize

SoftBums OneSize - I've reviewed this one twice already, but it ultimately has ended up in our "try again later" pile.  The inserts that come with the diaper are very bulky for our baby and leaked with each use, so I tried a SoftBums doubler intended for newborns.  The diaper fit really well (pic above is with small insert) but it still leaked every use.  We adjusted the legs over and over and finally my husband threatened to throw it away if I snuck it into our stack again.  I put it away for later and will try it again with the SoftBums inserts when Colby is a bit bigger.  I know this diaper has a huge number of fans, so this may be user error or just simply a poor fit for our baby.  

Katydid OneSize diaper

KatyDid OneSize diaper - cute diaper, well made, but awful fit for our little one.  I've tried this diaper on every week for 5 weeks.  At first the fit for a newborn was wonky and it just didn't work at all.  Then, as in the photo above (5 weeks and 12 lbs) it started to fit better and look pretty good.  I finally let him wear it to see how it performed.  Performance-wise, it was great.  No leaks and he wore it for at least 2 hours, maybe more like 3.  But again the fit was wrong...this one left deep welts in his legs that took all day to disappear.  We aren't using this diaper again and if you'd like to give it a whirl, it'll be up on our OUTLET STORE page soon.

The only other diapering item that simply didn't work for us was the Bumkins cover.  I don't have pics and won't be getting one.  The cover fit great and held in messes just fine, but the leg elastic was insanely tight.  He wore it the first day home from the hospital and the cover left deep marks on his skinny chicken legs.  We tried it again a few days later and the same thing happened.  I think the Bumkins extra small cover is for even littler babies...if you have a 5 lb baby, it will make a great cover.  If you have a preemie, then the Bumkins extra small is for you. 
We'll revisit some of these again someday and I'll update on what we think later on.