May 21, 2010

How to Fold Prefold Cloth Diapers - Bikini Twist

See part 1 also: Angel Wing Method.  For today, here's part 2: Bikini Twist Method.

Bikini Twist - this is my favorite method. Watch out for little boys, though, that you don't twist up their parts into their diaper! I like the Bikini Twist because it gives a trim fit, it takes up extra length (good if your prefolds are a little too long), and it puts max absorbancy right where your baby needs it.

Step 1: Lay out prefold and lay your baby on top, leaving about half of the prefold out from underneath.

Step 2: Twist the prefold one time so that the twisted portion is close to your baby's body. Be especially careful with boys that you don't twist up body parts into the diaper.

Step 3: Pull the end up over your baby's tummy. The twist should be right between your baby's legs.

Step 4: Pull the wings from behind baby up to the tummy panel and secure with a Snappi.
Post and Photos by Heather Hicks.  Copyright CDO LLC.

May 20, 2010

How to fold prefold diapers - Part 1 - Angel Wing Method

A wonderful way to save money or supplement your diaper stash is to use prefold diapers. I often recommend having at least half a dozen on hand for "just in case" when your baby is sick or if you miss doing laundry. And a stash of just prefolds is the most economical way to cloth diaper your baby. But how do you use them? How do you fold them?

There are lots of ways to fold prefolds. I've started this tutorial with two basic ways. They're both easy to learn and easy to use.

Angel Wing - this is probably the most common method and one that your mom or grandma likely used.

Step 1: Lay out your prefold, then fold the sides on one end toward the middle. The prefold shown is a preemie size, but if your prefold is a little too long, you can fold down the folded end to be the right length.

Step 2: Lay your baby on top of the unfolded end.

Step 3: Pull the folded end up over your baby's tummy.

Step 4: Pull up the "wings" that are behind your baby's back. Overlap them over the folded portion and secure with a Snappi.
Post and photos by Heather Hicks.  Copyright CDO LLC.

May 19, 2010

Making Diapering in Multiple Sizes Easy with Color - Guest Post

When we decided to switch to cloth diapers full-time and buy a bunch of them, we had two girls in diapers. I decided to order their different sizes by color, no matter how much I was tempted by all those adorable choices.

After washing all the diapers together, it was very simple to sort and stuff the diapers into different crates for the different girls when I only had to consider the colors. Most sized diapers show the size, but color is much easier to notice for quick sorting (a big advantage with three kids wrecking havoc in the living room while I put away the diapers). Diaper changes were quite simple because we only had to remember which crate belonged to which girl. When we were out and about, the different colors made diaper changes on the go easy, too.

Making a reasonable decision to limit our colors and keep different colors designated for different sizes doesn’t mean we only have three colors of diapers. Most of our large diapers are purple or yellow, ranging from butter to a bright yellow. For medium, we have green, pink and blue. It’s nice to have a couple of colors in our pocket diapers to differentiate which inserts they hold (SuperDos or LoopyDos).

After awhile, my older daughter started to express a diaper color preference, and it often involved the colors her sister was wearing. In my next order, I picked a few colors her sister did not have that I knew she would like. Sorting by color was still easy for us and she felt like she had some choices.

We’ll reap the same benefits this summer when the next baby is born. We’ll have two in diapers again, but the size color groups will help us keep them separate.

-Written by Kansas Mom