March 12, 2010

Using Cloth Wipes, Part 3: Washing & Wipe Solution

Part 3: Washing Instructions & Wipe Solutions
Cloth wipes don’t have special washing instructions. You can wash with any load, any detergent, on any water setting. Hot water is probably best just to get them good and clean, but I know of lots of moms who use cold water and find it just as sanitary. They can always be washed with diapers.

When I first started using wipe solution, I used tiny squares of special soap (like Baby Bits or Baby Bum Drops). They melt, but not very well in cold water. Instead, add a little water to an 8 oz plastic squirt bottle, add the square of soap, then heat in the microwave for 30 seconds or so until the water is piping hot. Swirl it around until the soap completely dissolves, then fill the bottle to the top with cold water. This way you have wipe solution quickly and easily, without waiting forever for the soap to dissolve or for water to cool.

Article written by Heather Hicks. Copywrite CDO, LLC. All rights reserved.

March 10, 2010

Using Cloth Wipes, Part 2: Out & About

Part 2: OUT & ABOUT
Many moms find using cloth wipes out and about more challenging. I think this is due to carrying moistened wipes and trying to stock fresh wipes before each outing. It’s either that or finding yourself with a dirty baby and musty smelling wipes. Yuck!
My solution is to keep a small wet bag (or cosmetic bag or any small bag) in your diaper bag. Stock it with 8-10 dry wipes and a small squirt bottle of wipe solution or water. Then, moisten wipes as needed. Wet or dirty wipes go in to a bigger wet bag with your dirty diapers to be washed at home. Dry wipes go back into the small bag. Note: Planet Wise now makes a set that contains 10 wipes inside a wet's perfect!

This method makes using cloth wipes out & about much easier. The only catch is to remember to restock with dry wipes occasionally, which you’d have to do with disposable wipes anyway.
Article written by Heather Hicks. Copywrite CDO, LLC. All rights reserved.

March 8, 2010

How to Use Cloth Wipes, part 1: At Home

I'm often asked about using cloth wipes. I've written a comprehensive article all about wipes. It'll be a three-part series for our blog, so stay tuned for the next two segments. (Written by Heather Hicks and copywrite CDO, LLC)

Part One: AT HOME
Keep 5-6 wet cloth wipes in a plastic container at your changing station. I use an old disposable wipes container, but anything will work fine. I like having the wipes almost dripping, but not actually have standing water in the container. You can moisten the wipes with either a Wipe Solution or plain water.

Keeping just a few wet at a time ensures you’ll use all of the wipes before they turn musty. No matter how natural disposable wipes claim to be, they always have a preservative; they have to or they’d be really stinky once we buy them! Cloth wipes do not have any chemicals whatsoever, making them great for baby’s skin but they last only a day or two with plain water, and just 3-4 days with a wipe solution, before they start to smell funny.

On a nearby shelf, within arm’s reach, keep a stack of dry wipes. Next to it, have a bottle of wipe solution or water handy. This way, you can easily moisten more wipes to be ready for the next diaper change. Or, if you have a really nasty diaper and you use all of your pre-moistened wipes, you can wet more right away without leaving your baby’s side.

Dirty wipes can go into the diaper pail with cloth diapers and be washed right along with diapers. If you don’t use cloth diapers, you can wash your cloth wipes with towels, baby clothing, etc.
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