December 16, 2010

Welcome to the "New" blog!

For two years I've written our blog under the Cloth Diaper Outlet name, but today we change to a new name and new era!  Since my blog is no longer tied directly to our store, I can do a lot more things with the blog...product reviews for instance. But I'm still the same me writing as I always have, so other than the name and theme, this blog will stay pretty much the same. 

I'm going to celebrate this event with a journal in pictures of how our website has changed over the years.  Might toss in a family pic or two as well!

February 2006, about 4 months after we opened  

Nov 2006 - after 1 year in business and we were the debut store for Knickernappies diapers
Nov 2007 - 2 years in business - release of Happy Heiny One Size diaper  
October 2010 - 5 y ears in business
Oct 2006 - family of three
Nov 2010 - family of four!  (I'm wearing LOTS of layers...I swear I'm not pregnant again!)