December 2, 2010

Hand made wooden teething rattles - just in time for Christmas!

A few months ago, while I was pregnant with Colby, a locally-owned home-based company in Kentucky contacted me about carrying their teething rattles.  They sent me a sample so I could see firsthand the quality and eventually try it out on our baby.

As soon as I saw the rattle, I knew we'd carry these in our store.  Top quality, hand made right in their home-based workshop, sanded smooth and finished with a food-based wax.  These are premium teething rattles and beautiful, too.

Fast forward almost 6 months (sob!) and our little guy is gnawing on everything in sight, including his wooden teething rattle!

It is easy for him to hold, lightweight, and just the right size.  It has a gentle rattling noise (not annoying!) from tiny ball bearings sealed tightly inside the hollow base. 

These are available in 6 types of wood: bloodwood (a gorgeous red color), osage orange (a beautiful orangy-yellow wood), maple, oak, walnut, and cherry.
For just $14 each (3 or more are $13 each), these are a perfect stocking stuffer, new baby gift, etc.  And I think these are nice enough to become treasured keepsakes.