November 16, 2010

Sunning in the rain - works on baby food stains!

We've had such a great response to our "Sunning Diapers in the Rain" post that I decided to follow it up with sunning out baby food stains. 

My husband, for reasons known only to him, refuses to use a bib when he feeds Colby.  This results in techni-color stains on clothes. I don't stress the stains because I know I can take care of them easily...the same way I take care of diaper stains!

Yikes!  Sweet potato remains after TWO washes and a long soak in OxyClean.
I laid this out on our patio, again in the rain, all day yesterday.  Stains are gone!
I love the power of the sun!  Even on days when it's not sunny, it still works!


Thank you for linking to this on facebook too! I never would have thought to sun a stain on clothes! I have a few things that I will have to try this on asap!! =)