October 19, 2010

Journey to a better diaper bag, part 2

I got a knock on the door this morning from our postal lady!  She had two lovely boxes for me.  One was full of coffee (thank goodness, just in time) and the other was full of Hot Mama Handbags!!

I haven't had a chance to actually use my new bag yet, but I did spread everything out and fill the new bag.  Tried it on for size.  I think I'm going to love it!

I took scads of photos this morning, starting with my first custom Hot Mama Handbag set.  It included the medium Emma diaper bag (which I'll be using again later on...I love this bag!), a wetbag, a wipes bag, a changing pad, a mama clutch for my wallet and keys, and a keychain.

First set, purchased in April 2010
This is a pic of my bag this morning, with all my stuff crammed into it.  The bag was the perfect size until cold weather hit.  Now that I'm carrying pants in addition to a onesie, and often carrying a small blanket, it's a tight fit.  And our boy is getting ready to need snacks and a sippy cup, which just won't fit in my beloved bag.

Yeah, that's a lot of stuff!  Two cloth diapers, a wetbag, a wipes bag, a changing pad, a nursing cover, my mama bag, a tiny blanket, a hat for my bald boy, a onesie & pants, crayons, 2 tiny notebooks, calculator, keys, pens, etc etc.

Now for the new bag...This is an Emma large with a medium clutch.  To the Emma bag, I added a zipper closure and a cell phone pocket.  My first Emma didn't have either of these, so I'm looking forward to the new features!
The official photo from Hot Mama Handbags

Large Emma bag, medium clutch for my things, matching keychain  
See how much bigger the large Emma bag is compared to the medium Emma?
Comparison with the clutches...my mama bag got bigger too!  Love the size of the medium clutch.

The inspiration for the fabrics came from an odd place.  We were at a coffee shop and a lady came in.  She set her bags down on a table...a lime green plastic bag from a store and her chocolate-colored purse.  I loved the color combo.  Plus I fell in love with the lime hummingbirds and just had to use it somewhere!
The inside of my new bag is a cheerful lime green.  It has 6 pockets on the inside, three with elastic and three without.
With the matching clutch in Lime Hummingbirds.

Close up of clutch.  Lime Hummingbirds outside, burgundy dandelion inside.  My picture angle is odd, making it look smaller than it is.
Finally, after taking all my photos, I happily filled the new bag.  Everything fits inside nicely with room for more.  I can fit the sippy, snacks, and blanket when the time comes.  It's not a huge bag and I think it'll be comfortable to carry. 
The clutch fits perfectly into one elastic pocket...you can see it near the top of the photo.  It's slightly open, showing the burgundy interior. 
I also splurged and bought one of her new Chloe bags, which is similar to a small Emma bag.  I won't actually use this bag for a while yet since it's not quite big enough for diapers, but someday that bag is waiting for me!! 

Hot Mama Handbags is the place to find these great bags.  She has a great selection that are premade and ready to ship.  Or you can do as I did and order custom-everything.  Her Etsy store is BabyEverAfter.  I also bought my nursing shawl from her as part of my very first order.  The shawl is lightweight and works great.  

Finally, Maranda runs specials occasionally.  Right now, just in time for Christmas gifts, she has a "Buy 3 get 1 Free" on clutch/keychain sets.  I'm tempted to take advantage of this offer and give them out to my friends...such a fabulous gift for less than $20 per set!  Or she sells gift certificates...put that one on YOUR Christmas list!

Disclaimer: The review for all bags is unsoliticited and I paid full price for my first custom order and for the Chloe bag.  Maranda did graciously give me a discount on my new bag and clutch in exchange for a blog post. 


So, does she sell wetbags too? I couldn't find any on her site...

She will if you ask. I don't remember how much it cost for mine and I provided the PUL.