October 6, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Cloth Diaper Outlet!

That's right--5 years ago today Cloth Diaper Outlet opened for the first time with 6 boxes of Baby Bits in stock (and that was it!)  Here's a screenshot of an early Cloth Diaper Outlet (circa Feb 2006).

Some of my memories:
  • We opened with just 6 boxes of Baby Bits wipe solution, the minimum order at that time.  Two weeks later we had our first sale--2 box of Baby Bits!  
  • Our second sale happened 2 months later right after Christmas.  A friend bought a few FuzziBunz diapers from me.  These were not the FuzziBunz of today, remember the pointy tabs and larger sizing?  Back then a minimum order from FB was 24 diapers and that was exactly what I bought.  We were on a very thin shoestring budget!
  • Diapers didn't come with inserts back then.  BumGenius hadn't been invented yet.  FuzziBunz and Happy Heinys were the two main diaper brands and neither had a one-size.  In fact, the only one-size diaper that was widely available was Wonderoos.
  • Planet Wise, GroVia, Rumparooz, and Thirsties did not exist yet.
  • Wahmies wet bags were just becoming popular.  The original owner still sewed them herself in her home.
  • I didn't bother carrying covers or prefolds because "they didn't sell" and I didn't like using them.  Same for disposable diaper liners.  LOL  Diaper liners are one of our biggest sellers now!  Covers and prefolds are something I now recommend regularly.  
  • When I started Cloth Diaper Outlet, every store was wahm-run and every manufacturer was either out of the home or just barely into a factory.
  • None of the diapers came with any sort of packaging back then.  
When I started CDO, I had a full-time job working in our family's bookstore.  I brought my daughter to work with me.  While I nursed her throughout the day, I built CDO.  I promised my husband that CDO wouldn't take any time away from my job since I would only work on it while nursing.  Back then, we never ever dreamed that someday CDO would provide our family's sole income or that my husband would quit his real job to come work with me.

I have been blessed abundantly these last 5 years.  I love helping moms and dads be successful with cloth diapering.  I love meeting new people and becoming friends.  I have customer-friends scattered all over the world.  They tend to come and go as their kids potty train or they have new babies. 

Thank you for the past 5 years.  Thank you for supporting our family and making it possible to be the store we are today.  Here's to another 5 years! 


Congratulations! I've been a happy Cloth Diaper Outlet customer for about two and a half years and through three cloth-diapered kids. So far. ;-)

That's an awesome story. And really, can I say I'm jealous? I'd love to work in a bookstore... or in a cloth diaper store. Amazing how much everything has changed in those few years.