September 13, 2010

Stripping your diapers for diaper rash

(guest post by Missy Z)

For the better part of 2 months, my 18 month old daughter (who is exclusively cloth diapered) had a terrible diaper rash. And by terrible, I mean bleeding, ulcerated wounds that have left little scars on her poor bottom. At first I treated it at home with some natural diaper rash cream, changing her as soon as she was wet & letting her air out regularly. I then tried tracking her food to see if she was eating something that was causing the irritation. When that wasn’t working, I made a trip to the doctor & was given a combination of topical antibiotics, anti-fungal cream & topical steroids. After 10 days, the rash was not getting better so back to the doctor we went. This time we were given bactroban. The rash still didn’t clear up after another week & we went to the doctor for the 3rd time. At this visit, her doctor prescribed her oral antibiotics and told me that if it wasn’t improving within the next week, we were going to have to make a trip to the pediatric dermatologist in Portland, OR (we live in Springfield). I was concerned at this point & was willing to do anything I could to clear her rash up. Reluctantly, I put her in disposables and sure enough, her rash was better after 2 days.

Once her rash was completely healed, I put her back into her cloth diapers & within 2 diapers, she was already breaking out again. At this point, I could only conclude that it was her cloth diapers that were causing the rash. I had already battled a cloth diaper related rash due to detergent earlier this year & tried this as a cure so I went to the computer for some other solutions & what I found was very minimal. The only relevant info I found was for odor removal by stripping. I was so ready for her to be out of disposables & figured it wouldn’t hurt anything so I gave it a try. I washed them with 2 tablespoons of original blue Dawn and then rinsed them on hot until the bubbles were gone (7 or 8 times). I was anxious to get her back into cloth, but skeptical since I hadn’t had luck with anything else. I put her in cloth through 2 diapers & was nervous so put her back in disposables. She didn’t have any signs of rash, but I didn’t want to take any chances. The next day she went through 3 cloth diapers & then back to disposables but there was still no rash. By day 3, I had her back into cloth for the entire day & she was still rash free! Now she is back to exclusively cloth. Stripping the diapers clearly removed whatever it was that was causing the irritation & I am relieved to have a clear & fluffy bottom on my daughter again.


I'm going to try this. My daughter has been going through the same thing. They said she would have to see an infection specialist if it didn't go away. Thanks for sharing, I'll be buying me some Dawn!!

I was about to quit cloth diapering because of rash but once I stripped and found a better soap we haven't had a rash again.

Thanks! This is a very helpful post!