July 19, 2010

Revisiting some diapers at 6 weeks

Just a quick update post, without pictures (though I'll get them later, I promise!)

Now that we've been using most of our diapers for 6 weeks, I thought I'd update you on some of them. 

Before: in my first review, Colby was about 1 week old and around 8 lbs.  I thought the soaker was way too bulky but the cover was nice.
Now: now I'm loving the GroVia system.  The soakers fit great at 6 weeks and 12 lbs.  Amazing the difference a few pounds will make.  I will definitely recommend this diaper, but would recommend using small prefolds or fitteds under the GroVia covers for the first few weeks.  Save the soakers until your baby is at least 10 lbs.

FuzziBunz OneSize
Before: I liked it, but it leaked.
Now: That was the one and only time it leaked.  This diaper has been in regular rotation now for 5 weeks and it's doing great.

Before: It fit, but was awkward and funny looking.
Now: I tried this diaper again this week and I found that it fit much, much better.  Looked like any other diaper and the prefold inside lasted a long time before needing changed. 

Applecheeks Cover
Before: loved it, fit great
Now: Where is this cover???  It's gone from our stash, I can't find it anywhere.  It's got to be here somewhere, right?  I now realize it's been 3-4 weeks since I've even seen the cover, so hopefully it's back behind the changing table...somewhere.


I'm so glad I found your blog on cloth diapering a new born! We're cloth diapering our newborn. She'll be three weeks tomorrow and weighs over 8lb. So far we've tried the BumGenius 3.0, the Dream-Eze AIO, the FuzziBunz One Size Pocket Diaper and the Bottom Bumpers AIO with snaps. They have been either one size or size small (I didn't bother buying any NB size), and they have all been fabulous. They all seem to fit her pretty good, and no leaks whatsoever! I was surprised at how well the AIO's fit her even when she was 7lbs. We plan on trying out some fitted and prefolds over the next few weeks, but I definitely plan on buying some more AIO's just because they are so easy.

Thank you Sharon! I've also been surprised at how well many of the diapers have fit...it's great knowing that I can recommend most of our diapers for newborns.