July 6, 2010

Cloth Diapering a Newborn - more photos!

Thank you to everyone following our series so far!  Cloth diapering a newborn has been so much fun.  Here are a few more photos of some odds and ends.  I think Colby probably weighs around 10 pounds right now.  He is 4 weeks old.

Happy Heiny Mini Onesize

Happy Heinys Mini Onesize - this diaper fits great and I will have them available soon at Cloth Diaper Outlet.  We're using it snapped down to the smallest setting with an extra small Happy Heiny insert. 

Knickernappies OneSize with small LoopyDo insert

Knickernappies OneSize - since the first KNOS that I tried was a custom diaper, I wanted to try a stock diaper as well.  Just like the custom, the regular KNOS fits very nicely and has been a dependable diaper.  This is with a small LoopyDo insert.

Softbums OneSize with small insert

SoftBums - I wanted to try this diaper with a small insert instead of the great big one that comes with the diaper.  As you can see from the pic, I got a very good fit this time.  Almost looks like a newborn diaper rather than a onesize.  However, it has leaked every time we've used it, so I'm putting it away until he's a little bigger.  Then I'll try it again with the insert that came with it.

Tiny Tush Elite with small insert

Tiny Tush OneSize - great diaper, dependable fit, no complaints.  We've used the Tiny Tush Elite two or three times now and it's done very well each time.  This is snapped to the very smallest it goes with a small microfiber insert inside. 

Better Bums small

Better Bums - this is a WAHM shout-out...I bought this pocket diaper from Better Bums on Hyena Cart.  It has minkee on the outside, PUL in the middle, and suedecloth against the skin.  Since this diaper is so tiny, I usually stuff it with a preemie prefold and a Kissaluvs booster.  Not too bulky and plenty of absorbancy.  This fun little diaper has never leaked and we've used it regularly since birth.  Size small fits nicely and he still has room to grow since it's still snapped at the smallest setting.

I think this pretty much concludes the photo gallery of diapers that we have and that we've liked.  We do have a few that we don't like and that are not in our rotation right now.  I can show those in a future post if you're interested. 

As a side note, I have purchased all of these diapers.  None have been solicited for the purpose of review.  It actually didn't even occur to me to ask for free review diapers.  I'm giving honest reviews from my personal experience.  Diapers that work for me may not work the same for you and vice versa...diapers that don't work for me might do great on your baby.  But I hope you're enjoying this series.  I have a few more posts in mind before we're done!


I have been following for a while, but I haven't really seen too many AIO's. I am a mom-to-be and I am looking at cloth diapering for the first time, so I have AIO's to start out the process (mainly to get my DH into it)... i was wondering how you feel about them and if you could show some with reviews, if you have any.

I am also new to cloth diapering. I bought Gro Baby/Gro Via, Best Bottoms, and from www.theluvyourbaby.com... I had my baby almost 4 weeks early and even at 7#s 3oz, I have tried all three brands on her and don't like the fit at all... So, I have had to use disposables while waiting and hoping that the XS sposo easy ones come and fit nicely!!! I am hoping that the others fit well after she is about 3 months old or so, but wishing that I had gone with the fitted AIOs vs one size...

Page, I'm sure Heather will also respond but I thought I'd give my opinion of AIOs. They are perfect for starting out, especially with grandmas and others who may be a little reluctant. I have a friend who exclusively uses BumGenius AIOs with her daughter and thinks they're perfect.

We have only one AIO in our stash - a sized BumGenius (an older version that's no longer available). It works alright, though we found it to be a little less reliable than the pocket diapers or fitted diapers with a cover.

What I don't like the most is how long it takes to dry. I usually end up hanging it after taking all the diapers out of the dryer because it's still wet. (If I had a full stash of these, the dryer would sense they were still wet and just take longer to dry them.)

In my opinion, pocket diapers are just as easy as AIOs at diaper changes if you stuff them before putting them away. Some people don't even pull the insert out before putting them in the pail because the inserts agitate out. I've found our washing machine (a front-loader) doesn't do that so well, so we always pull them out. My husband loves the Knickernappies pocket diapers, though I do all the stuffing for him. (And don't mind at all, because he is after all changing diapers without complaint.)

Thank you, Kansas Mom!

I've got several AIOs. Some I've reviewed already, but I can pull them all together into one post if that would be helpful. I have BumGenius AIO, BumGenius organic AIO, Sposoeasy AIO, and a couple of others. They do, for the most part, take longer to dry in the dryer, but it's tempting to grab for the AIOs first since they're so simple to use.

Thanks so much for these photos! I began cloth diapering at 4 months, and am very curious how well various one-sizes do for newborns.... so I would be interested in knowing what *didn't* work, please. :)

Hello there, all the way from Malaysia here. I love your compilation of cloth diapering a newborn... how precious! I've shared links about this topic to this blog and some pictures too on my website, if you don't mind :)


I have loved these posts, as we are expecting in September and I'll be new to cloth! Trying to figure out if I should just do prefolds and covers or try the different diapers I have when he's first born. Kicking myself for not buying the HHmini when I had the chance. Heard it was wide in the crotch, but doesnt seem to be a problem with your little one!
I'd be interested in the ones you dont care for, even though I know our experience may be different. =)