July 13, 2010

Cloth Diapering a Newborn - All-in-One diapers

A reader pointed out that I hadn't done very many reviews on All-in-One (AIO) diapers.  She's right!  I've done a couple, but they've been mixed in with everything else.  So here goes...AIOs on our new baby.

All-In-One diapers are just what they sound like...a diaper in which everything is sewn into the cover so it's all one piece.  Wash it, dry it, and wear it...they're super easy to use.  They do take longer in the dryer usually and they may need extra absorbency for some babies, so there are some drawbacks, but they can easily be overcome.  Without further ado, here's our model!

BumGenius Organic onesize AIO - this diaper has it all: organic cotton inside, all-in-one design, and it's onesize from 8-35 lbs.  We tried it this week on our little guy and it fit really well.  Much better than I expected.  Colby is somewhere between 9-10 lbs, so he's pretty small still for a lot of onesize diapers.  The cotton proved to be plenty absorbent and the fit was fine.  I love the snaps.  This one is cleverly designed so all the layers open up in the wash.  This makes it easy to get clean and it dries in one normal dryer cycle.  The only drawback is price.  At $24.95 per diaper, it won't be in everyone's budget, but it's got a lot of value that makes it a worthy purchase.  

Snap-EZ AIO - extra small

Snap-EZ AIO - sadly these aren't being made anymore, but if you can find one for your new baby, go for it.  They fit sooo nicely.  This photo is our first day home from the hospital, when he was a mere 7.2 lbs.  The XS size fit beautifully and was absorbant enough for daytime use.  He did outgrow it quickly, though.  These tiny diapers have already been packed into the memory box or designated as dolly diapers.

BumGenius AIO - extra small

BumGenius Deluxe AIO -  this diaper is a bit different from the BG diaper at the top of this post.  This one is a sized diaper (ours is extra small) and it has a wicking, stay-dry, suedecloth inner.  Larger sizes do include a pocket for extra absorbency, but you don't have to use the  pocket if you don't want.  The XS does not have a pocket, but it doesn't need one.  For new babies, they're absorbent enough the way they are.  This photo was taken when Colby was around 7.5-8 lbs.  The diapers still fit him well, but he's starting to outgrow them (around 10 lbs and 4 weeks).  This is a great newborn diaper and the one I recommend most to new families wanting to try cloth for the first time.  These do take a little longer to dry.  An extra 20 minutes in the dryer or a couple of hours laying on the dresser will finish the drying.  

Sposoeasy AIO - extra small

SposoEasy AIO - extra small - this diaper is available either in snaps or velcro.  I love this diaper!  This one is also cleverly sewn so that it dries in just one dryer cycle.  They are 100% cotton inside and the diaper does a fine job of containing urine and poop.  We've never had a leak.  The XS fits well, both right after birth (as in the photo above) or later.  At 4 weeks, he still has room to grow.  The most innovative part of this diaper you'll either love or hate.  Instead of the standard laundry tabs for the velcro, it has laundry "pockets".  Slip the velcro tab into the little pocket and it attaches to another piece of velcro inside.  This keeps the tabs away from anything else in your laundry and keeps them looking nicer, longer.  The snap version doesn't have this feature since it doesn't have velcro. 

Monkey Doodlez - small

Monkey Doodlez - small - nice diaper, absorbs well, dries quickly.  This has fit pretty much since birth and still fits nicely at 12 pounds.  The only drawback is the velcro tabs...they pop open in the wash very easily and stick to everything.  But otherwise, nice diaper and I can definitely see carrying these at Cloth Diaper Outlet soon.

OsoCozy - small

OsoCozy - small - this AIO is very simple and a little different from the others.  The inside is basically a prefold that has been cut to fit and sewn to PUL.  This means the inner is 100% cotton.  I've found it to be a fairly trim AIO and plenty absorbant.  It was too big at birth, but started to fit somewhere in the 8-9 lb range.  If it had crossover tabs on the velcro closure, it would have fit from birth.  Even now the tabs want to crossover some, but even so this diaper is in our regular rotation right now.  These will also be available at Cloth Diaper Outlet before long.  I like the idea of a simple and affordable AIO!

So there you have it...an almost exhaustive review of AIO diapers!  At least it felt exhaustive to me, but maybe I'm just really tired! 


What is your favorite overnight diaper?

We use pretty much everything overnight. AIOs, pocket, onesize, fitteds & covers...they all work fine so far with our baby. If I have to choose a favorite, I'd go with FuzziBunz and Knickernappies. Both have performed great for us every time we've used them.

I saw the Kissaluv AIO OS diaper in your Outlet store and read the note about it being a trial diaper but they sent a pink one. I'm curious about whether they sent you another one that you are going to try out and if so, will you review it and potentially stock it in your store?

Heather - YES, I did order another. They sent us a bright yellow Marvel AIO that we've been using for about a week. I really like it and do plan to stock them. We've used it twice so far and it's doing great.

Awesome! That will probably be the next one I order. =) My husband rolls his eyes every time I find "another one" to try! I just want to be really sure that I love the diapers that make up the majority of our stash. So far, I haven't bought any that I don't like at all -- except the EconoBum... It just doesn't work well for us.

Are there any other OS AIO diapers besides the BG organic one (element? I can't remember its new name).

Heather - there's at least one more OS AIO...GroVia just released their new one. I got my tester today and it's in the wash. I loved the old DreamEze AIO and that's what this one is based on. If we like it, we'll carry it and bring it in the next time I do a GroVia order.

I will keep my eyes open for it. Do you know how much it will sell for? And, is it snaps or velcro?