June 22, 2010

Tips for Fuss-free Diaper Changing

Kids wriggle, squirm, roll over and crawl and we applaud them for doing so...except for when we need to change their diaper! During changes it would be much more convenient if they just lay back and stay still (yeah right!) As a mother of two energetic babies (8 months and 23months) I have learned a few tricks on how to have successful diaper changes with minimal fuss.

Ditch the Pins – You can use pins on a newborn if you must but as soon as your baby starts to wiggle, hold your prefolds together with snappis. They are much faster and you can't hurt your precious bundle with sharp points. My toddler also can be placated during dipe changes by promising to use her favourite selected colour snappi!

Be Prepared - It makes a lot of sense to have everything you need for your diaper change close at hand before you start. However if you do forget something you can make a game out of it. I tell my toddler in an exaggerated voice 'Don't move a muscle!' She finds it a fun challenge to see if she can stay still while I go and grab that spare cover that is still hanging on the line!

Supply Entertainment - Use small books, whistles, rattles etc and spread them out on the bed within easy reach in order to entice your little on on to the changing mat. I also keep a 'secret weapon' of an adult, but safe, plaything as kids always want to have something they think is not theirs. I use a watch, a digital thermometer that beeps, a switched off mobile phone, house keys and whatever else it at hand in the moment!

Sign language – I have been teaching my oldest child sign language since she was 8 months. She has always loved to sign and so if she is extra fidgety I ask her to sign various things which keeps her hands and mind occupied while I change her.

Use your legs - I don't have a changing table so we do dipe changes on the bed. This works well with a small wiggler as you can sit up on the bed and change them between your legs to prevent roll-overs.

Sing – I have realized that the words 'stay still' mean nothing to my babies. However as soon as I burst into one of their favorite songs they become quite entranced. My girl has learned so many songs during the times we spend changing diapers and it can be a really fun and educational experience. Sometimes these days she makes a little game of it as I sing the first line of a song and she says 'Noooooo!' and I have to go through the repertoire to find the song she wants to hear...usually by that time the diaper is changed, fuss free!

I look forward to hearing your experiences for fuss free diaper changes!


Oh, yes! Singing is one of my favorite diaper change activities. My daughter (now 23 months) also will say "No!" and make me try another song. Sometimes, she'll start the one she wants.

We like to give a wipe to occupy the hands. She can wipe her face or stick it in her mouth (a clean one, obviously!). Sometimes she tries to wipe herself, which we commend, but we have to make sure she doesn't then wipe her face or hands with it.

Singing is a new one for me. I'll have to try that. Thanks for the tip.

My favorite tip is more for the changing table then for the bed or ground, we made a fun oversize butterfly mobile for my daughter before she was born and hung it over her changing table, when she was really little she would just stare, then as she go older i would blow on the butterflies to make them move, now that she is older i ask her what she sees and about the colors and sizes of the butterflies, she is still looking at almost 2 years later and it keeps her mind busy but not her body.