June 16, 2010

Diapering a Newborn -- Now the real fun begins!

Colby Tate was born Monday, June 7, at 10:26 pm.  He weighed 7 lbs 6 oz and was 19 inches long.  We came home a few days later and have now been cloth diapering him full time for one week.  At his pediatrician appointment Monday, he weighed 7 lbs 12 oz.

 Extra Small BumGenius All-in-One

So...what is working and what is not?  What fits and what is still too big?  Surprise favorites?  Join me for our on-going tour of Diapering a Newborn!

What's Working
Most of the extra small diapers that we had are working fine and fitting well.  For our stash, this consists mostly of fitteds and covers, which surprisingly to me, we really like.  We didn't really care for fitteds with our daughter, but with Colby they are fitting so well and have been very dependable.

BumGenius Deluxe All-in-One - Extra Small - We really like this diaper.  It's trim, absorbant, and hasn't leaked yet.  It fits well and we could make it work under his cord before his cord fell off.  Two thumbs up!

BumGenius Bamboo Fitteds - Extra Small - these are great.  Soft, absorbant, and fit under the cord.

Drybees Gone Natural bamboo fitteds - Size One - LOVE these.  Soooo incredibly soft and absorbant.  Again, discontinued by the manufacturer but I do have a couple left instock in our store.  These also fit well under the cord.

Kissaluvs fitteds - size 0 - very nice fit as expected.  They work under the cord.  Absorbant.  They don't stay as soft once they're washed, but Colby doesn't seem to mind.  I tried one with a doubler yesterday and it was too bulky for our little guy.  Without a doubler works just fine.  I can see why these have been the standard in newborn diapering for so long...affordable and dependable.

Applecheeks Envelope diaper - I bought one of these as a tester to consider carrying them in our store.  I will definately be stocking these in the near future.  The small size fits very nicely under the cord.
Applecheeks Envelope Diaper

Bummis Super Brite Covers - Extra Small - I'm loving these covers!  I use it every chance I get since it's my favorite right now.  It fits very well on a 7 lb baby and fits under the cord.  So far no leaks at all with this cover.  Superior fit and dependability give it two thumbs up!

Snap-EZ All-in-Ones - Extra Small - I bought three of these before Ruth at Snap-EZ discontinued them.  How did I end up with so many disco'd diapers?!  Anyway, these fit like a glove.  Seriously, the best fitting diapers hands down.  It's astounding how well they fit.  They don't have that much absorbancy, though, so we stopped using them during the night.  During the day they're perfect. 

Snap-EZ All-in-One Extra Small

Before this post is overwhelmingly long, I'll stop!  But more pictures and descriptions are coming.  I'm trying to get pics of every diaper now.  And yes, our son hates (HATES!) having his diaper changed.  Prolonging the agony by taking a picture doesn't help...he's screaming in every pic but one! 


This is a great idea! I love all those crying pics- poor little boo. My kids hated those diaper changes too. He is still a sweet little cutie pie! I will have to wait until he gets near ten pounds to start taking notes for our nest one, since mine never come out smaller than nine pounds ;)

I'm a little jealous you have a cloth diapering store and therefore a reason to try out all these great diapers!

After a while, all our kiddos used to love diaper changes...or at least the bit of time in between diapers. With my son we took to letting him play on the changing table for a while because he was happier there than just about anywhere else.

I'm having an obscene amount of fun trying out diapers! For the most part, we have only 1 of each brand or style, but we still have like 40 diapers! The newborn stage goes so fast, though, and so many people ask what is best. It's my only chance to really try everything!