June 24, 2010

Diapering a Newborn -- Do OneSize really work?

Now to answer the burning question...Do OneSize diapers really work on newborns???

Flip OneSize diaper with Flip Stay-Dry insert

Flip Diapers - This diaper is a pretty good fit.  I used the Stay-Dry flip insert folded down to the small setting.  A tad bulky in the belly area, but as you see from the picture, it's not bad.  We've been using the cover over some fitteds, too, which works great.  I do wish it had crossover snaps for overlapping, but our boy is growing fast!  Recommend for newborn?  Yes.

Softbums OS with microfiber insert

Softbums - This is a diaper that I'm testing prior to bringing into our store.  I'm using the microfiber stay-dry insert that snaps into the cover.  As far as I know, Softbums doesn't offer a size small insert, only a onesize insert that is folded down.  It's bulky, but it does work.  I can get the legs of the diaper nice and snug with the drawstring adjustment.  It's hard to fit clothing over this diaper, at least for a newborn.  Recommend for newborns?  Maybe.  Only if your kids grow fast.  If your kids stay petite for a while, I think I'd recommend a different diaper for the first weeks.

Rumparooz with small Rumparooz insert

Rumparooz - this is another R&D diaper (research & development).  We're using the Rumparooz cover on its smallest setting with the small microfiber insert.  It's bulky, but the crossover tabs help get a decent fit.  While we don't reach for this diaper first, we aren't exactly skipping it either.  It does the job, even if it's not too pretty for an 8.5 lb baby.  And the small insert helps it to fit better than some brands.  Recommend for newborns?  Yes.

Econobums with Econobum prefold

Econobums - The Econobum cover fit a lot differently than I expected.  I guess I thought it would be like a BumGenius or Flip cover since they're all made by the same company.  Not so.  The Econobum cover fit is a lot more awkward.  But it did fit okay and it didn't leak.  We used it with the onesize Econobum prefold.  The overall fit was bulky, but doable.  For the price, this is a good diaper choice.  No pins or complicated folds make it easy to use.  The snapping cover should last a while, both in durability and fit.  Recommend for newborns?  Yes, for a family on a tight budget.

GroVia Cover with preemie prefold

GroVia - I first tried the whole GroVia system of cover & soaker.  The soakers are crazy bulky on a newborn, but when I switched to a preemie prefold under the cover, it did okay.  I would never recommend the whole system for a newborn, but I would recommend buying the system and saving the soakers for a few weeks.  Instead, use fitteds or prefolds under the covers.  It saves on buying newborn covers and prefolds are always handy to have.  Recommend for a newborn?  Yes, but only the covers.

Happy Heiny's OneSize with small microfiber insert

Happy Heinys OneSize - I found this diaper to be really hard to put on properly.  We used them with our daughter before she potty trained and loved them, but they're a little trickier on a newborn.  The diaper did not leak, but it gaped at the legs and I couldn't get it any smaller.  We'll put this one away for a few weeks and try again.  HH does make a Mini OneSize for the newborn stage and we like it a lot, so HH does offer a nice alternative.  Recommend for a newborn?  No. 

Knickernappies OneSize with small LoopyDo insert

Knickernappies OS - I have this adjusted to the smallest setting and I'm using a small LoopyDo insert.  This particular diaper is a custom diaper purchased from Hyena Cart, but the pattern is the same and the fit is almost identical to the regular KN OS.  The rise was high, well over the belly button, but otherwise the diaper fit great.  I love side-snaps, so I was excited that it fit so well.  Overall fit at 8.5 lbs was super.  Recommend for a newborn?  Yes.

BumGenius 3.0 OneSize with newborn insert

BumGenius 3.0 OS - I almost didn't include this diaper since BumGenius announced this week that they've discontinued it and I have only a couple left instock.  But, since it's a diaper that many of us are familiar with, I went ahead and added it in.  The fit was a little bulkier than I expected, even with the newborn insert, but it did just fine.  I've recommended it for years for new babies and I don't regret that recommendation. 

Those are all the OneSize diapers that I've tried so far.  I still have a few more to come!  And remember, these are just my opinions based on my experiences with my son.  Different diapers fit different babies, so you may love a diaper that I haven't had luck with.  Never hurts to give it a try!

Post and Photos copyright by Heather Hicks, CDO LLC.


What a helpful post! I've never tried a onesize on a newborn, but I have a couple lying around and a baby on the way, so we'll see how they work.

yay, thanks so much! it's so hard to know how OS will fit newborns without real-life pictures, thank you! i am surprised at how well the Flip fit!

I am surprised at how many seem to work well for you, as I really didn't expect any OS diapers to work on a newborn!

Jacobsen Family - I've been surprised by the same thing...I really thought more of them would be too bulky or would leak. But for the most part, I would say most OneSize diapers really do work on an 8 lb newborn as claimed.

Thank you so much for posting this. I have the Fuzzy Bunz one sized diaper and although I think it will work, was thinking of getting something else for the first couple of months. I really wanted to get the GroVia and was already had in mind to do prefolds, now I am really happy and pleased that this will be the golden ticket for me.

Which did you think gave the newborn the best fit? (This has been SUCH a helpful post, especially with the pictures.)

My baby is 3 weeks old so I have been playing this game too. My next oldest is 17 months so I have a lot of OS diapers. I just put a flip stay dry on him for the 1st time tonight because I assumed it would be too big but it actually fit great under his small thirsties duo. I have the same feeling about Rumparooz but the newborn insert doesn't hold enough so I have to use the bigger one and it is too bulky. Fuzzibunz OS has been my go to diaper for him the last couple weeks along with BG XS AIO and prefolds with a cover.

I'm glad I came across this blog. Thank you.

Hi, thanks for the info! I'm a new mom, expecting next month. I'm planning on ordering 6 Flip covers with 18 stay-dry inserts for our baby. However, I'm confused about whether you can use them with a days-old baby because of the cord. Wouldn't the flip rub the cord? I'm not sure if I should just use disposables until the cord falls off. What is your recommendation?

I have to laugh that Colby appears to be screaming in every picture that he is not asleep in :)

I have a Dinkledooz OS pocket diaper that I am really loving for my newborn daughter. Right now she is 5 weeks and probably around 9 or 10 lb. I use it with the smaller microfiber insert. Probably lasts about two hours. I get a great fit around the legs, and it has crossover snaps, and I get a great fit around the top too! I am going to try my Fuzzi Bunz OS and Bumgenious 4.0 OS, with their newborn inserts, and see how they fit. I just assumed they would be too big, but now am curious.


Just an fyi...My soft bums have a new born insert. We are currently using them on our 18 month old. I have a baby due any day now and was thinking they would be perfect for her with the new born insert. After seeing your pics I am feeling pretty confident! Thanks for the great article!

Thank you so very much for the pictures and great descriptions. I am due any day with baby #5 and this will be our first attempt of cloth diapering from the get go. We have used Flips and FuzziBunz with my now 15mo. old since he was two months. I figured the Flips would be too big for a newborn, but now I am confident they will work. I am very happy to have found your site!

This was a very helpful post, Maybe we won't need as many newborn diapers as I thought. We're planning to use prefolds and covers, but maybe my one-size covers will work. This is our first, so I'm not sure how big to expect him/her to be.