June 29, 2010

By popular demand...pics of particular diapers on our newborn

I've had some requests for pictures of particular diapers on our new baby, so here you go!  Colby is about 9 lbs right now and is 3 weeks old.

FuzziBunz OneSize with small insert

FuzziBunz OneSize - I really like the fit.  You can see in the picture that it's fairly trim and has a nice fit.  To adjust the legs and waist, I used the size numbers suggested on their size chart.  So far he's worn it about 3 times.  It did leak urine once, but he was on his side nursing and that's a tough position for any diaper, plus I'm not sure it was on tight enough.

Wahmies OneSize with Snaps, small microfiber insert

Wahmies OneSize - I tried the bamboo fold-to-fit insert that comes with this diaper, but it was too bulky IMO for a newborn.  Instead I've been using a small microfiber insert and with that, the fit is pretty good.  The PUL is stretchier than most brands, which helps to get a good fit.  Like the FuzziBunz OS, this diaper did leak once, but it was during nursing when he was on his side. 

Thirsties Duo Diaper with extra small microfiber insert

Thirsties Duo Diaper - size 1 - This diaper comes with two inserts, a hemp and a microfiber, both of which I thought were too bulky.  Instead, I'm using an extra small microfiber insert.  The Duo Diaper is a very trim diaper, which means only certain inserts are narrow enough to fit inside.  With the XS insert, the fit is pretty good.  The leg elastic is a little awkward with the snap-down rise...it's hard to get it adjusted just right so the leg doesn't gape open.  But with a little practice, I'm finding this to be a dependable diaper.  And the inserts really do agitate out in the wash.  Bonus! 

What are our favorite OneSize diapers at this point?  Rumparooz, Knickernappies, FuzziBunz, and Happy Heiny Mini.  The others in general do great, but these 4 are our very favorites, the kind I might buy a whole stash of if I was a normal diaper mama!


Look at that! He's only crying in one of the three pictures!

We have some of the Duo Wrap covers in size one for our baby (due in July) and I'm interested to see how those snaps work. I've been using some of the size two covers on my daughter (about 28 pounds, 23 months) and already use them unsnapped. Our fitted diapers go up to 40 pounds so I think the covers will still work all the way through the end; I just haven't gotten any practice with snapping the covers down.

Have I posted yet about our Duo Cover in size 1? I like it...sizing seems to be pretty good so far, but then we're only at 9 lbs so far!

I saw your review of the Rumparooz OS, but have you tried the Lil Joey? I ordered 4 as overnight diaps thinking they might be easier for my husband. However, they look super tiny! Just wondering if they stretch enough to really fit an 9-12lb baby.

I haven't gotten to try a Lil Joey yet. I need to buy a couple! I'm interested in how they fit, too.