May 21, 2010

How to Fold Prefold Cloth Diapers - Bikini Twist

See part 1 also: Angel Wing Method.  For today, here's part 2: Bikini Twist Method.

Bikini Twist - this is my favorite method. Watch out for little boys, though, that you don't twist up their parts into their diaper! I like the Bikini Twist because it gives a trim fit, it takes up extra length (good if your prefolds are a little too long), and it puts max absorbancy right where your baby needs it.

Step 1: Lay out prefold and lay your baby on top, leaving about half of the prefold out from underneath.

Step 2: Twist the prefold one time so that the twisted portion is close to your baby's body. Be especially careful with boys that you don't twist up body parts into the diaper.

Step 3: Pull the end up over your baby's tummy. The twist should be right between your baby's legs.

Step 4: Pull the wings from behind baby up to the tummy panel and secure with a Snappi.
Post and Photos by Heather Hicks.  Copyright CDO LLC.


This looks awesome! I used the Angel Wing fold when my son was still in prefolds, but I definitely will be trying this one out for baby #2!