May 25, 2010

Getting ready for baby

Crib set up - check
Clothing washed - check
Carseat ready - check
Changing table set up - ........

When your new baby is almost ready to arrive, you've probably made lists that look a lot like mine.  To-do's, to-pack's, to-ask's, and so on.

We're pretty much ready for our little guy.  My doctor says he'll be born by next Friday one way or another.  I've had some minor complications so we aren't going past 39 weeks.  Normally I'd be sad about this, but frankly, I'm tired.  I could have hugged my OB when she said 39 weeks!

Anyway, back to the changing table or changing area.  Most of us probably have a designated spot where we change diapers and have all of the changing gear near that location.  For those of us still pregnant, what should a cloth diapering changing area look like?

Diaper Organization - there are a gazillion ways to organize diapers on the changing table.  Some moms line them up neatly in baskets, some moms stack them in folded piles, others stack them unfolded, and so on.  I've done a little of each.  Currently, I have fitteds, prefolds, and covers together in a basket.  This will make it easier for my husband to know which diapers need covers and which don't.  Since he packs the orders for our business, I expect he'll know what to do anyway, but just in case...they're all together in a basket. 

The AIOs and pockets are all stuffed and folded.  They're neatly stacked according to size. 

Wipes & Wipe Solution - Wipes are in a basket.  I have a bottle of Northern Essence Wipe Solution on top of the changing table.  I still need to add a plastic container so I can pre-wet some wipes and have them ready for messy changes.

Diaper Cream - I have a small tube of Northern Essence All Natural diaper salve ready to go.  It's tucked in with the wipes since I don't expect to need it very often.  Just in case I do need it, though, I also have some fleece liners tucked into a basket on the bottom shelf.  Northern Essence is safe to use in small amounts with cloth diapers, but if I need to use a thick layer, I'll use a liner to protect the diapers. 

Changing Pad covers - I have one last basket on the bottom shelf.  It has extra changing pad covers along with some small waterproof change pads that I put on top of the cover.  

Diaper Pail - Everything on our changing table is cloth, so I don't have a trash can.  I do have the diaper pail, though.  I use a regular trash can with a pail liner inside.  I have two pail liners.  One is Planet Wise and the other is a Doorknob Diaper Pail.  That way, when one is in the wash, I can have the other in the diaper pail.

I think that's everything.  All I need now is the baby!


This is awesome, I had started out with a brand new baby that way instead of doing half and half for a while. That's what experience teaches you though!

So I notice you don't have a lid on your diaper pail. I tried that and the smell seemed to float through the house. But when I use a lid the smell almost knocks you down when you open it up to put another one in. Yikes!

Oh Heather I wish I had a diaper changing station like this! I may spend my summer trying to create one :-)