May 11, 2010

Accidental Activist

When I started using cloth, it was for purely financial reasons. I'd toyed around with the idea throughout my pregnancy, but hadn't devoted any real thought to it - until, as I entered my third trimester, my husband was laid off of work. Living on only my income, with the "expense" column of our household budget set to explode, I looked for ways to lessen the blow as much as possible and lo! the decision to cloth-diaper was made.

Now, a year later, we've left the prefolds behind and use FuzziBunz exclusively. I no longer use cloth out of necessity, but out of preference; we've used disposables a handful of times (most recently on our 2-week trip to Mexico), and always return to cloth with a huge sigh of relief. Disposables smell terrible, they leak, they gap, I don't think they're as comfortable for my son as his super-soft diapers, and worst of all, he can get them undone on his own. Every time I hear about one of my friends' children getting their poopy diaper off, I am SO glad that I went with cloth!

But as much as I love cloth, even I was surprised when I began randomly telling people how great they were. Other parents at our church, long-time friends who are expecting, my entire Facebook network - pretty much everyone who knows us knows that we cloth diaper and love it. More than a few of my friends have at least tried cloth because of me; at least one is now a full-time CD mum. And just recently, I actually gave an expecting couple, who I'd never met before, a full FuzziBunz demo - right in the middle of the baby aisle at my grocery store. My love of cloth has turned me into a full-blown fangirl.

Those are amazing, they exclaimed. Where can I get them?

Well, let me tell you about this great online store...
--Written by Alannah F.


I am the EXACT same way! during pregnancy I joked around with my husband thinking it might be an adventure (or make my life harder) I bought a few bumGenius and I was hooked. Atfirst I was like "these thing will never pay themselves off", now I realize how much we're actually saving and how much I really love cloth diapering! I know a few of my friends think I'm crazy, but I'm always happy to tell our story of cloth to budding cloth mamas or anyone who'll dare ask me =P

LOL I love your testimony!

Myself, I love not visiting the baby aisle in the grocery store...ever. I laugh that I am both a woman and a mother, yet I never go down the menstrual/diaper aisle.

It's a crazy, addicting choice that no one can understand until they've made the change!